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[FCI NOTE: The reason countless millions of intelligent Cybernauts in nations West and East today seek proved-over-millennia, alternative approaches to better health is stated well by one of America's best-known medical doctors, Deepak Chopra, M.D.: "NONE of our Western medical interventions get to the root CAUSE of disease." Many now refer to the growing, alternative Western focus on body-mind health as healing's new frontier, yet perhaps its very premier modality--scienfitic juice-fasting--has been used by most of our greatest thinkers since time immemorial, including all three Fathers of Western Medicine--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

At Fasting Center International, the World Wide Web's premier site for regaining one's birthright potential of optimum health, happiness and healing power, avant-garde M.D.s, D.O.s, psychiatrists, and Ph.D.s in nearly every field--doing our Programs year in and decade out in increasing numbers--are helping us to lead this necessary paradigm shift, so that, in Dr. Chopra's words, "Western Medicine can finally grow out of it's outdated, Newtonian model of reality, wherein nature and, by extension, the human body, functions as an intricate, impersonal machine" (as opposed, obviously, to the inseparable body-mind-spirit complex which scientific fasting addresses quite naturally, millennium after millennium, as most all of our species' most celebrated thinkers and spiritual teachers discovered, historically).

Common autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and allergies have very real CAUSES, which prolonged, scientific, juice-fasting, combined with more intelligent, post-fast dietary and lifestyle habits, CAN help resolve. Again, scientific, therapeutic fasting and dietary changes CAN be effective in treating such autoimmune disorders, which Allopathic/Symptomatic/Conventional Medicine--by definition, treating only SYMPTOMS, instead of more intelligently addressing CAUSES--has a VERY poor history of resolving, as those long suffering both are painfully aware.

The Harvard-trained M.D., Andrew Weil, in his bestselling book, Spontaneous Healing, clearly summarized what Allopathic Medicine can and cannot do for you, pp. 225-226: "CAN: "Manage trauma better than any other system of medicine; diagnose and treat many medical and surgical emergencies; treat acute bacterial infections with modern antibiotics; treat some parasitic and fungal infections; prevent many infectious diseases by immunization; diagnose complex medical problems; replace damaged hips and knees; get good results with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and it can diagnose and correct hormonal deficiencies. Allopaths CANNOT: Treat viral infections; cure most chronic degenerative diseases; effectively manage most kinds of mental illness; cure most forms of allergy or autoimmune disease; effectively manage psychosomatic illnesses, or cure most forms of cancer."

Here's Doctor Weil's candid, yet diplomatic, second opinion: "Do not seek help from a conventional doctor for a condition that Conventional Medicine cannot treat, and do not rely on an alternative provider for a condition that conventional medicine can manage well."

Every day, in every nation on this Earth, we who travel by air literally entrust our lives to commercial pilots. As should be obvious to everyone, improving their health, happiness and healing power greatly enhances the safety of us all. Alan Christian, 43, a commercial pilot from Chicago, IL, is a Captain with one of America's largest commercial airlines. As a happily married father, Alan began his 40-day FCI Program at 6' 2", 203 lbs., wondering just how scientific fasting would affect both family time, as well as his work. After completing his Program, he waited several months to write this testimonial, stating: "I thought a little time of reflection would be wise for me to more truly assess my fasting experience." Here, then, is his assessment]:

By Alan Christian, Captain, U.S. commercial airline pilot and FCI client

I SET OUT on this fast for two reasons: 1) to pray for the healing of one of my closest loved ones, and 2) to simply fast, out of obedience to my God. Additionally, I was excited about the potential health benefits.

"I completed my Program nearly three months ago, and am still deeply affected by it. I often think about what an experience the fast was. I was not one who immediately experienced a great, mountain-top experience, spiritually. It was definitely a discipline. But, ever since the fast, I have been blessed very richly. Prayers have been answered, growth has occurred, and strong holds on my life have been shattered. I could get more specific, but perhaps this is not the venue to further share more specifically. Suffice it to say that I believe in fasting, Dennis, and your FCI Program allowed me a way to complete it with expertise, support, and knowledge of unexplored paths in my life. Thank you.

"Health-wise, after fine-tuning my juices and Broth, I beat the hunger pangs and was then able to focus a little more on my health issues. I absolutely loved the physical results of the fast! Here are the highlights: I lost weight, and having an empty colon and cleansing it, simultaneously, was a delightful feeling, as I'd felt bloated quite a bit, due to my pre-fast diet habits. Additionally, my thought processes became clearer. Pre-fast, I would occasionally be talking and the exact word I would be looking for would simply escape me; that no longer happened on the fast, or after. Pre-fast, I suffered from occasional, mild allergy symptoms, and those, too, disappeared on the fast, including my pre-fast stuffiness at night. According to my wife, the whites of my eyes have also become whiter. Pre-fast, I also had traumatic arthritis in my knees, but during the fast and since, I've had virtually no pain in my knees.

"These are just the high points of my fasting experience. Would I do it again? Yes! Do I plan on doing it in the future? Yes! I'm grateful for this experience, which I would not have finished, had it not been for your support and confidence in me, Dennis. God bless and thank you.--Alan Christian

"P.S. Again, Dennis, I am grateful for your support, encouragement and informative words. I couldn't have done it without you. Back on Valentines Day, which was my 29th fasting day, my wife and I attended a prime rib buffet party. It was a delightful party, as we sat at a table for eight, all friends. I was, however, concerned about the fast and/or questions that may have arisen in regard to it. However, I remembered reading one FCI 'window' about a gentleman who attended a banquet, and how he'd handled it.

"I didn't think it would work, but I tried it. I put some salad and a new potato on my plate. Just nursing my tea, I tried to focus on being a good listener, while periodically rearranging the 'display' on my plate. Even with the dessert, I occasionally put food on my fork, but not one person noticed or said a thing. I was shocked! These were my friends, and even viewing a thinner me, especially my face, they were all so busy eating, themselves, they didn't take notice that I wasn't. My wife was very supportive, and would occasionally grab a bite off of my plate. The whole affair was especially enjoyable after that."

[Nearly 1.5 years later, he'd add]: Thank you so much, again, for the secrets of fasting that you taught me, Dennis. Since my initial fast, I have utilized the wonderful discipline of fasting several times. I have gone on four fasts since then, all of shorter duration, but still, always beneficial. After about six months, I went on an eight-day fast. I have done a three-day, nine-day and one 10-day. Each have their rewards. My reasons are either spiritually or physically motivated. All are a blessing! Subsequently, every 3-5 months, I want to go on another one.

"As a side note, you told me early on something that I have since proven the wisdom of--always have a goal in mind. I have started several fasts thinking, "I will play the length of this fast by ear," but that way, motivation is usually provided only by how you feel that day. So, I completely agree one should set the goal before venturing out on subsequent fasts. I especially realize how important those emails and testimonies were from you/FCI for that spur I sometimes needed. God bless you, Dennis, and thanks again. I'm sold--Faster for Life!"

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