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[FCI NOTE: Cancer results when certain cells in the body keep dividing and forming more cells, without the ability to stop this process. . .cell growth gone crazy. Chemotherapy, a.k.a. chemical treatment or chemo, for short, today involves any of 338 toxic chemotherapy drugs used to destroy cancer cells. At the same time, it can also harm healthy cells, which can cause an enormous number of devastating side-effects.

      Anyone who's undergone a series of chemotherapy treatments for any type of cancer can tell you of the devastating side-effects it can cause, both short- and long-term. . .a veritable alphabet of at least 198 different side-effects categories. For the entire list, see Managing Chemotherapy Side-Effects.

      Possible negative side-effects include, just to name a few: abdominal pain, anemia, anxiety, balance and mobility changes, bone pain, blood pressure changes, breathing problems, cardiotoxicity, cataracts, chemo brain, chest pain, cognitive problems, cold symptoms, confusion, cramping, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, dry skin, edema, electrolyte imbalance, fatigue, fever, gastric reflux, genital pain, hair loss, headache, hearing loss, heart problems, hepatotoxicity, hyperglycemia, hypersensitivity skin reactions, impotence, insomnia, itching, joint pain, kidney problems, loss of libido, liver problems, changed blood counts, lung problems, memory loss, menopause, metallic taste, mouth sores, muscle pain, nail changes, nausea, nosebleeds, numbness, ototoxicity, peripheral neuropathy, pneumonia, post-nasal drip, pulmonary toxicity, rash, rectal bleeding, ringing ears, sadness, seizures, sleep problems, stomach upset, taste changes, tingling, vaginal bleeding, vertigo, vomiting, water retention, weakness, and weight changes (gain or loss).

      Obviously, these toxic chemicals used to kill cancer cells can migrate elsewhere--to the heart, lungs, liver and all other organs, as well as into the brain--with the ability to do enormous damage. Thus, once the treatment is over, cancer survivors--many suffering devastating side-effects for many months or even years after being labeled a 'cancer survivor--search far and wide for ways to detoxify themselves. . .to rid themselves of these devastating side-effects. For some, their intuitive wisdom leads them to the greatest detoxification method known to humanity--prolonged, scientific fasting, practiced by all three Fathers of Western Medicine (Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus, who diagnosed fasting as "the greatest remedy, the physician within")--and to Fasting Center International, the 35-year global leader in our field, long supervising the world's largest fasting clientele, with clients representing 220 countries doing their Juice Fasting Programs on seven continents.

      Here's just one, representative example of what this marvelous detoxification 'sounds' like, from cancer survivor and mother of four Melisa Weaver, 50, living in Baku, Azerbaijan, who "finished chemotherapy 22 months earlier and today have no signs of cancer," speaking here after completing the 85-day Juice-Fasting Program she began at 5' 3", 218 lbs., wanting "to lose weight and get the chemo toxins out of my body!"]

By Melisa Weaver, a university-degreed, stay-at-home mother of four and FCI client

"Hi, Dennis: Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with other people! My name is Melisa Weaver. I currently reside in Baku, Azerbaijan, where my husband works for a major oil and gas company. I am 50 years old, and have four children, two of whom are still at home. Although I have a university degree, I chose to stay at home and raise my children. I am a breast-cancer survivor, and finished chemo 22 months ago, followed by a partial breast mastectomy (lumpectomy) and a short, intense course of radiation therapy. My cancer was both Her2Nu negative and hormone negative. According to my surgeon, my type of cancer was “the triple threat” [triple-negative breast cancer], and he did not seem very positive. I put my faith and trust in God, and went forward with what we believed was my best course of treatment.

      "My journey to cancer actually began before my birth. There is a strong history of cancer on my mother’s side of the family. My maternal grandmother died of ovarian cancer. Her mother died of breast cancer. Two of my younger cousins were diagnosed with breast cancer long before I was; one was in her 20’s. One of my cousins did not survive. A maternal aunt died of pancreatic cancer. And, the list goes on. As none of my relatives before me had done so, we paid a great deal of money so that I could have the BRCA 1 and BRCA2 tests performed [Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing]. I felt I owed that to my sisters, my daughter, other cousins, and our posterity. Both were negative, but I was assured there was, indeed, a genetic link somehow, as yet undiscovered.

      "There is also a great deal of obesity on both sides of my family. Once, as I was perusing our family history and looking at pictures of ancestors as far back as photography, in any form, would allow, I remember thinking to myself: “No wonder I am fat. Most all of them were, too. There is something wrong here. Something isn’t functioning right.” Both of my parents have heart disease in one form or another, and my mother has high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure seven years ago. My eating habits were never stellar throughout my growing up, although my mother fed us as well, as best she knew how. Those bad habits became worse ones as I left home, married, and started a family early. Money was tight and starchy food was cheap. The consequences, over the decades, were devastating. But. . .we can all change, although sometimes that change is inadequate, or too late for some terrible consequences.

      "My treatment of cancer began with a sentinel lymph-node biopsy. The relief that my lymph nodes were negative was immense! I opted to do the chemo first. We all wanted to see how the cancer would react to the specific drugs. I had four treatments of Cytoxan combined with Adriamycin, followed by four treatments of Taxotere. Chemo was brutal, both on the cancer and on my body. Towards the end, just chewing my food exhausted me. I would make my bed and have to lie back down. I had surgery on Valentine’s Day last year to remove the area where the tumor had been, as well as a wide border. Everything removed from me was mounted on slides and examined under a microscope. Not one cancer cell was found! I qualified for the short course of radiation. It was an intense five days. As there was no medication of any kind that would help me further, my active treatments had come to an end. But, my recovery was just beginning!

      "I truly believe that the treatments I received killed the cancer in my body, but it also left me with an eye that would not stop watering; neuropathy in both feet, that was severely limiting to any physical activity I wanted to do; extreme exhaustion, and a host of more minor concerns such as the expected hairless body; pasty, dry, skin, and grossly discolored fingernails and toenails. I had chemo-induced early menopause, and had a constant cycle of hot flashes 24 hours a day. I was 48 years old, but I looked like I was 70, and felt like I was 90!

      "I could still feel the chemo drugs in my body. I could taste them, too, at times—more than 1.5 years year after I finished treatment. It is a terrible thing to know you are full of poison. I wanted to detox, but did not know how. More than once, I asked my oncologist for help for my feet, my eye, and the hot flashes, only to be told that there was nothing he could, or would, do for me. My eye eventually cleared up on its own. I went to a podiatrist and had custom insoles made for my feet. I wore orthopedic shoes with total motion control. Not only did I look like an old woman, but I dressed like one, too. A sales clerk in a store once mistook me as being my husband’s mother! Nothing I did would help me to lose the 100 extra pounds I was carrying on my 5’ 3” frame. With my feet hurting the way they did, I could not walk longer than 30 minutes a day, and often, after that, I would be useless the rest of the day.

      "Three months ago, shortly before returning to Baku, I purchased two books on detox from a health-food store. Both of them involved fasting, and one of them addressed the various types of fasting that people do--from water-fasting, to juice-fasting, to merely fasting from certain types of foods. The juice-fasting made sense to me, and I decided to try a 3-day juice-fast. For someone whose weight would not budge, I lost five pounds! A week later, I did another 3-day juice-fast and another five pounds was gone! I was very impressed, as nothing I had done since the time of cancer treatment had enabled me to lose any weight. I could only gain weight, and very easily, at that.

      "That was when my search on the Internet began. I wanted more information on juice-fasting. I wondered how dangerous it really was. From the three-day juice-fasts I'd done, I believed that it was something I could do. That was when my search led me to the Fasting Center International, and to its Founder/Director, Dennis Paulson. His website put me on information overload, but I could not tear myself away from the computer. Everything he said, as well as the authorities he quoted--the well-known people in the world who had been fasters--plus the testimonials from ordinary people who'd done FCI's Program were highly impressive to me.

      "I felt I had found my answer! I felt an assurance, inside, that this was the way to detox. . .that it was something I could do, and desperately needed to do. I also knew that without the support of my husband, in particular, and my son and daughter who were still at home, I could not do it. It took some convincing, but as my husband had been praying for me that I would find a way to remove the chemo from my body, he began to see things the way I did.

      "I signed up for the Total Detox Program, which, for my age of 50, was 67 days of actual juice-fasting. When I returned to the U.S. to see my oldest son for his birthday, I purchased the things I would need that I thought I would have trouble finding here in Baku. As time has gone on, the only thing I would not have been able to purchase here would have been the recommended liquid supplements (other than the fruit and veggie juices). Everything else was here, but as I don’t speak Azeri and my Russian is not very good, I bought the things in the U.S., since I knew I would be there, anyway.

      "I began my transition into the Program the day after I returned from the U.S., and have been profoundly grateful ever since. The healing my body has done is astounding! By the time I had fasted two weeks, my feet were completely healed, and I received permission to go off my blood-pressure medication. My blood pressure has been normal ever since, and I now wear any shoes I please! I have become very physically active, and am on my feet most of the day.

      "Halfway into my fast, I accidentally broke a blood vessel in one of my little fingers. I felt the sharp stinging, and when I examined my finger, it was swelling and bruising. This had happened before, shortly after the birth of my youngest two children. I knew it would hurt for days, but by that evening, all my pain was completely gone. The next morning when I woke up, I looked at my hands. Both little fingers looked completely normal. I could not even remember which I had injured. Although it was a small thing, it was a dramatic example of what my body was actually able to do. . .if I gave it the correct tools. I remember then wondering what all was taking place on the inside of me, that I could not be an eyewitness to!

      "Since I began FCI's Program, I have lost 48.5 pounds. I started out at 218, and ended up at 169.5. Another truly remarkable thing is that despite losing so much weight so rapidly, my skin does not sag anywhere on my body. My body has been able to repair my skin structure, such that it would shrink along with the rest of me. On a less than happy note, but astounding in its own right, one morning I tried to put in my earrings and could not insert them. It had only been three days since I'd worn earrings, but my holes were closed up—after more than 25 years since having had them pierced. I could still see the dots where the holes had been, but until I got out my studs with the finest posts, I could not get any earrings in my ears. Even still, I practically had to re-pierce my own ears!

      "I've now ended my Total Detox. Program. While it has not been easy, at times, it has been very, very doable. I feel wonderful. I have no aches and pains. I have no stiffness in any part of my body. The chemo-induced arthritis that attacked three of my fingers is completely gone in two of them, and only faintly noticeable in the third. My scars from surgery and radiation have faded dramatically. The golf-ball sized lump of radiation scar tissue has diminished so much that it can barely be felt. My hair is actually growing back in decently. My fingernails and toenails are strong, and look completely normal. I don’t remember having this much energy since before I married and had kids! My hot flashes and night sweats are gone. Upon occasion, I feel slightly warm. To me, it is a kind reminder of how far I have come in such a short amount of time.

      "My only addiction was to sugar, and that has been completely fasted out of me! Throughout my entire fast, I have cooked at least two meals a day for my family (there's not much in the way of fast-food here in Baku, since we are not particularly fond of lamb!), plus baked for various bake sales at school, and things for my husband to take to the office. I have hosted numerous of my husband’s work colleagues for many dinners. Like many expatriate women here, I bake all my family’s bread, and make a host of things from scratch.

      "During my fast, the scents and aromas have been a feast, and a delight to all but my taste sense. I understand, now, what Dennis meant when he said a person can be completely satisfied, while fasting, and feel as though they have indeed feasted, just by the sights and aromas of well-prepared, healthy food! I have progressively prepared more and more healthy foods for my family. They now eat a cornucopia of fresh produce and all kinds of herbs.

      "My thought processes and mental clarity are now sharp again. I am sharp in my mind, and the chemo fog is gone. This has been a marvelous experience for me, as well as for my loved ones who have watched my metamorphosis! My parents and siblings do not know what I have been doing. They will all arrive for my son's wedding next month. When they saw me last Summer, I was the epitome of bald ill-health. What a difference a few months can make!

      "I thank Dennis for the work he is doing, and the knowledge and skill he is distilling upon those who will open their minds to what this is all about. But mostly, I give thanks to God who has sustained me daily and led me to this point. To Him, I raise my voice in joy, and in the words of the immortal Martin Luther King, Jr., proclaim: 'Free at last, free at last; thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!' Love, Melisa

      "P.S. In order to lose the remaining unnecessary weight, I will be starting my second fast in several months, after I wait the required time."

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