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[FCI NOTE]: Scientific Fasting can play an important part in the recovery from adult-onset diabetes (Type 2); however, it is contraindicated for Type 1, insulin-dependent diabetics. As noted in "Fasting And Eating For Health" by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.: "Type 1 diabetics should not fast." Likewise, my friend and colleague since 1995, Andreas Buchinger, M.D., Director of the Buchinger Klinik in Bad Pyrmont, Germany (Europe's most renowned fasting clinic for three generations of M.D.s who've run it), when I asked him what he advises Type 1 diabetics at his 90-bed juice fasting hospital, replied that his own policy is the same as Fasting Center International's (FCI):

      "We do not allow Type 1 diabetics to go on a fast. Fasting could not improve the condition in Type 1 diabetes, which is characterized by the total absence of insulin. This is a big difference from Type 2 diabetes regarding the endocrine situation, which has, in the beginning, overproduction of insulin. In the case of Type 2 diabetes, remedial fasting is recommendable. However, according to the pathophysiology of Type 1 diabetes, there is no similar metabolic or/and endocrine situation (which allows the improvement of Type 1 by fasting).

      "We would recommend, in case of Type 1 diabetics, organic food according to circumstances, plus physical activity. After decades of Type 1 history, problems are occurring such as the kidney problem, and so forth. Here at the Buchinger Klinic, we offer Type 1 diabetics our organic art de cuisine, plus various kinds of physical activities, different additional naturopathic measures, etc. I am very sorry, but there is no safe way to fast for Type 1 diabetics."

      If you suffer Type 2 diabetes, FCI will be happy to address it at greater length for you, including comments from clients resolving it on our Scientific Fasting Program. Simply email your request to, knowing we'll not only address "Diabetes" for you, but also FCI's overriding approach--"Diabetes Prevention."

BECAUSE FASTING is contraindicated for those with Type 1 Diabetes (formerly known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), FCI focuses its Scientific Fasting Program's healing potential exclusively on Type 2 diabetics (formerly known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus). As noted in the "Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide":

      "Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. At least 90% of diabetics have Type 2 diabetes. In this form, the body's cells gradually become less responsive to insulin (insulin resistance). Normally, when insulin attaches to a cell, it sends a signal inside the cell that tells chemicals called glucose transporters to take glucose into the cell.

      "In insulin resistance, that signal is blocked, and the cells do not take in enough glucose from the blood. This causes blood-sugar levels to rise, which leads the pancreas to produce even more insulin. For some months or years, the pancreas can produce enough extra insulin to counteract the effect of insulin resistance. Blood-sugar levels remain relatively normal, and there are no symptoms. Ultimately, however, the insulin resistance grows stronger, and the pancreas becomes exhausted from making extra insulin. At this point, blood-sugar levels rise well above normal, and symptoms begin.

      "Type 2 diabetes primarily affects people over 40. Obesity is the single most important cause. Three-quarters of Type 2 diabetics are or have been overweight. The heredity link with Type 2 diabetes is stronger than it is with Type 1 diabetes. People at risk of Type 2 diabetes can take steps to prevent it by exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a sensible diet."

      Adds the American Diabetes Association: "There are 23.6 million people in the United States, or 8% of the population, who have diabetes. The total prevalence of diabetes increased 13.5% from 2005-2007. Only 24% of diabetes is undiagnosed, down from 30% in 2005 and from 50% ten years ago."

DIABETES AFFECTS at least 230 million people, worldwide (21 million in the U.S. in mid-2007, with 54 million pre-diabetic. . .a seriously expanding epidemic being called diabesity). By 2025, the World Health Organization predicts that the number will reach 300 million. Prof. Sir George Alberti, president of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), has said that, "Diabetes could become the AIDS of the 21st century." Paul Zimmett, CEO of the International Diabetes Institute, has added, "I think we can truly say that the epidemic is here and now." Jack Jervell, former IDF president, agrees: "Unless we do something dramatic, I expect diabetes to be one of the major killers in the world in the year 2010," adding that complications from diabetes are killing more than 3 million people around the world every year.

      Over the past 35 years FCI has been blessed to supervise our World's Largest Fasting Clientele--with clients on seven continents representing 220 countries--our clients suffering Diabetes 2 have demonstrated that this marvelous, self-improvement technique which was practiced and prescribed by all three Fathers of Western Medicine--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!"), CAN help improve the health of those suffering diabetes mellitus, just as Germany's late, great "juice-fasting therapist," Otto Buchinger, Sr., M.D., similarly learned in supervising over 100,000 "fasting cures" (including those suffering diabetes mellitus). To again quote Doctor Fuhrman, writing in "Fasting and Eating For Health," he, too, testifies that adult-onset diabetes CAN be resolved through prolonged fasting:

      "One in 20 people has diabetes in the United States. Diabetes, our seventh leading cause of death, is also a nutritionally-related disease, one that is both preventable and reversible through nutritional methods. Like many other chronic diseases, diabetes is increasing in prevalence in the U.S. . . .In both types of diabetics, the high glucose level in the blood damages the body. In conjunction with high blood lipids, it inevitably causes a significant acceleration of the arteriosclerotic process, hardening and narrowing the blood vessels. Arteriosclerosis accounts for 80% of all diabetic deaths. Diabetics have more than four times as many heart attacks as nondiabetics. . . . One-third of all patients with insulin-dependent diabetes die of heart attacks before age 50."

      "Fasting can play an important part in the recovery from adult-onset diabetes. In fact, early in this century, many years before insulin was ever used to treat diabetics, fasting was used as an important therapeutic modality to prolong life in diabetic patients. (Allen FM, 'Prolonged Fasting In Diabetes,' 'American Journal of the Medical Sciences,' l915; 159/4:480-485.) It was reported at that time that even in severe cases of adult diabetes, the signs and symptoms of the disease resolve with fasting. Glycosuria and acidosis resolved with recovery occurring even in the weak and emaciated patients.

      "In these early studies on fasting done at the hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York City, the physicians employing this therapy noted that 'fasting has not appeared harmful, even in these few cases where it has not been successful.' Even in these early investigations, the importance of keeping the patient permanently 'below weight' after the fast, and the importance of restricting the quantity of fat in the diet to maintain the benefit gained from the fast, were repeatedly emphasized. The authors stated: 'Anyone can readily convince him/herself that, in a suitably severe diabetic who is symptom-free for days or weeks (after a fast) and on a fixed diet, the addition of some quantity of butter or olive oil to the diet will bring back the glycosuria, ketonuria and other symptoms immediately or within a short time.' Unfortunately, now that physicians are able to control these symptoms with drugs, these pearls of fasting knowledge gleaned by researchers from the days when no drugs were available are largely ignored.

      "More recent studies reporting on the fasting of diabetic patients have likewise shown excellent results (Vessby B, Boberg M, Karlstrom B, et. al.--'Improved Metabolic Control After Supplemented Fasting In Overweight Type 2 Diabetic Patients,' 'ACTA Medica Scandinavia,' 1984; 216:67-74; McCarty MF--'Maturity-Onset Diabetes: Toward a Physiologically Appropriate Management,' 'Medical Hypothesis,' England, 1981; 7/10: 1265-1285; Gueris J, Segrestaa JM, Lamotte M.--'Insulinemia In the Obese Before and After Fasting Therapy,' 'Journal Annuel Diabetologie Hotel Dieu,' France, l969; 10:287-292), and confirm the changes I see with my patients. They concluded that, following a prolonged fast, the diabetic patient shows a substantial improvement in insulin function independent of the degree of weight loss, and restoration of pancreatic function can occur that does not occur with weight loss alone. Complete remission of diabetes was reported in many patients. . . ."

      "If the fast is used correctly in the Type 2 diabetic, it increases beta-cell sensitivity to glucose, which can restore integrity to the pancreas and allow it to re-establish its sensitivity to glucose. This is an important therapeutic modality to bring diabetics whose sugar levels are relatively well controlled with optimal diet to the point where, after a fast is completed, the blood sugars remain entirely within the normal range while the same diet is maintained. . . .

      "Before insulin was discovered earlier in this century, many patients with diabetes were treated in the manner prescribed--by very low-fat diets and fasting. The medical profession abandoned the practice after insulin was discovered, because physicians of the time thought diabetes was licked, and that no one should have to deprive her- or himself of food in order to get well. Insulin gave diabetics the freedom to continue to be fat, to continue to abuse their bodies, and to continue to allow their body to age and weaken from the effects of diabetes, without having the immediate symptoms of dry mouth, frequent urination, and weakness. But now, we know better.

      "So, we must get diabetics off their treatments. If the sugars are not adequately controlled with diet alone, then fasting must be used. If the diabetic is motivated and truly wants the best opportunity for a long, healthy life, we should not use medication at all in Type 2 diabetes; instead, we should utilize aggressive nutritional intervention with fasting, the most effective treatment for these patients.

BECAUSE OF FCI's 35-year commitment to teaching kindred souls, worldwide, how to regain their optimum-health potential, we support avant-garde physicians who are teaching themselves (as Scientific Fasting has never been taught, for example, in any of the 131 U.S. medical schools), as well as their patients, this magnificent, age-old, weight loss, detoxification and healing discipline. More often, however, it's patients teaching their physicians, as in the following from a Chicago, IL, financial planner, 60, on fasting day 77 of the 87-day Total Detox. Program he began at 6' 2", 247 lbs. taking medication as a pre-diabetic (wanting to lose 50 lbs. and get off medication):

      "Dennis, I had my post-fast physical yesterday. My doctor was amazed! All blood work was great. You will remember he did not know what I was doing. When he saw my weight, and actually saw me, he was really interested in what I was doing. I gave him your web address, and he wrote it down. He said that maybe he had other patients who could benefit from what you are doing. I do not have to go back on my "Amaryl" medication. So, all was well. Thanks for all you have done for me. Michael Landry."

      Obviously, FCI's primary focus is PREVENTIVE, through detoxification, weight loss and healing fasts. Likewise, the University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health's "365 Tips for Better Health" includes the following: "Run Away From Diabetes! Recent studies offer strong, direct evidence that physical activity may actually help prevent non-insulin-dependent diabetes." Similarly, a U.S. National Institutes of Health study showed that trimming just 15 lbs. of body fat could cut the risk of diabetes by 58% in those one step from developing the disease (a.k.a. prediabetics). That, in turn, could cut U.S. treatment costs by about $60 million annually.

IN CONCLUSION, FCI does accept, year in and decade out, many non-insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetics as clients on a 'waivered' basis, judging each individual independently before accepting them as our client. Thus, if you have Diabetes 2, please do let us know your age, height, weight, how much weight you're wanting to lose, other health problems, what meds you may be taking, fasting history (if any), etc. I do hope this has been of some help. Respectfully, Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director, FCI

P.S. Below is just one, representative example of what it 'sounds' like when a Fasting Center Interntational client suffering Type 2 diabetes elects to do our Scientific Fasting Program. . .Ronald Whitmore, 60, a Miami Beach, FL, corporate CEO speaking here on his 12th fasting day (after doing our 5-day Transitioning In Program) of the prolonged Waivered Program he began at 5' 10", 205 lbs., wanting to lose 40-50 and get off medication as a Type 2 diabetic:

By Ronald Whitmore, corporate CEO and FCI client

      "Dear Dennis: I'm on Fasting Day 12, with all going well. To say the least, it's been an interesting experience, so far, as I've had some high-energy days and low-energy days. As you described, all hunger pangs disappeared a couple of days after starting the fast. However, I've found myself looking at all kinds of food with great desire, especially when I'm in restaurants on business appointments, or my wife is eating her meals. Incidentally, she's been very supportive by shopping for organic fruits and vegtables for me and preparing my FCI Broth. She also is very intrigued by what I'm doing, and has told me she really respects what I'm doing for myself.

      "When I decided to start the fast, you told me I could not sign up for the 87-day Total Detox. Program I wanted to (my age of 60 + 17 + 10 Transitioning Days). The reason: I'm a Type 2 diabetic. You explained all Type 2 diabetics can do your Waivered Program--starting with your 20-day Program and extending in 10-day increments if there are no contraindications, since you wanted to see how everything went for me.

      "The good news is it's gone well, as far as my diabetes. I've been watching my blood-sugar readings very carefully, twice a day, and they've been normal. The even better news is that after the third day of fasting, I discontinued my oral medication for a day--with my doctor's blessing--to see how the readings would come out. Well, Dennis, they came out normal (91 and 88). So, I've continued off the medication, and the readings have continued to be normal (85 to 95). Not bad!!! I would like to continue the fast and complete the 87-day Program. Please advise how I should proceed. Sincerely, Ron."

      [Fasting day 29]: "My fast is going well. I've lost 27 lbs. My head is really beginning to clear out, and my energy also is beginning to increase. There still are days when I feel somewhat groggy, but I'm assuming that is a result of toxins working their way out of my body. My diabetes is still very much under control. My glucose readings have gone up slightly--to 100-105--but that is very normal. I'm again assuming the slight increase is due to toxins coming out of my body and loss of weight, where my system is utilizing its own fat as I detoxify. [Most toxins are stored in fat cells.] I'm amazed at my own determination to complete a Total Detox. Fast--what you call the Full Monte--and give myself the gift of excellent health."

      [Fasting day 40]: "I'm on F40 and doing excellent, Dennis. . .on cruise-control or autopilot, as you would say. My determination still is as strong as on my first fasting day, as I move into the second half of my Total Detox. I'm definitely on track to complete an 87-day Fasting Program, but as we've agreed, I'll extend 10 days at a time. I want you to know I've had many, many food temptations put in my way, but absolutely nothing fazes me. Everyone who sees me (my friends and business associates) tells me I look great--better than I've looked in 20 years. Great reinforcement!!! For the record, I've lost 33 lbs. to date, and my blood sugar is still normal. Separately, I'm sending you another online "Agreement" to extend 10 more days. Thanks for your support. Your friend, Ron."

      [FastMaster's response]: "I love your spirit, Ron, and you're right--there's nothing more inspiring than watching and feeling your own courage, discipline and perseverance reward you with increasingly greater health, happiness and healing power. The fact that others see your noble achievement and compliment you is merely icing on the carrot cake. Let's continue the necessary work, wisely staying focused in the only thing that ever exists--the Eternal Present--doing this marveloous, self-improvement technique the only way you can, regardless. . .one day at a time. Beyond that, take courage and keep on groovin' up slowly, as the Beatles phrased it, into the stratosphere of human potential. Big Love; your friend and Olympic Marathon coach, Dennis"

      [Fasting day 58]: "Back in my Florida home after much traveling, I'm on F58 today, and all is going well. My blood-sugar still is very normal, and there is no question in my mind that I will complete my entire 87-day fast."

      [Fasting day 74]: "Dear Dennis: I'm on F74 and in the downhill homestretch, with only three fasting days remaining. This whole experience has been very amazing and exciting for me. People continue to complement me, every day, regarding how great I look, and ask me how I've accomplished my weight loss, which is very evident. I tell them I've been on a special detoxification program, which I'll tell them all about, once I've fully completed it. They all tell me not to forget, because they really want to know."

      [FastMaster]: "Know, Ron, that your magnificent success will now extrapolate to nearly anything you wish to undertake over the remainder of your life.

      [Fasting day 79--his final fasting day of the 89-day Fasting Program he extended into]: "Dear Dennis: My final results have been amazing:

Lost 47 lbs.
No longer on diabetic medication.
* Blood-pressure medication dosage reduced 75%.
* Compliments from numerous friends and business associates regarding how great I look.
* Expressions of admiration regarding my willpower.
* Ability to focus on projects and complete them easier than ever before.
Eating habits altered, so I know I'll be much more careful what I put in my body from here forward.

"My willpower has been THE BEST it's ever been in my entire life. . .not bad for a 60-year-old. Also, 'completion' has always been an issue in my life, and a lesson I'm here in this world to work on. I'm now 'completing' a project specifically for me, regarding my personal well-being, and it's a project I never dreamed I could complete--all 89 days. Thank you for your assistance, support, and for being so readily available for me when I write to you. You are an amazing guy! I have committed to myself that in the future, I'll complete a couple of shorter fasts each year to keep myself clear, and my health in good stead. Sincerely, your friend, Ron Whitmore."

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