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[FCI NOTE: No two fasting experiences are the same, because all humans have absolutely unique body-mind-spirit complexes. However, from Fasting Center International's wisdom perspective which 35 years of supervising our World's Largest Fasting Clientele has provided, as FCI's Director, I'm continually amazed by the magnificent accomplishments of those who find prolonged fasting difficult (which is not the normal case with FCI clients, worldwide). Motivation to continue, of course, is crucial and, in many cases, it's one's ill health which provides that drive to persevere against the mental aspect which makes one's fast more difficult than another's (despite our Program being identical for all, except that fewer transitioning days are required for our two shortest Programs).

      By the time the following Ph.D. computer scientist completed her 80-day FCI Program, the illnesses which first brought her to scientific, detoxification fasting "just disappeared," in her words, as a result of her extraordinary accomplishment, leaving her "radiant" with "awesome" energy. Here's her story, including two extremely insightful postscripts written nine months and two years, respectively, after her 80-day Fasting Program at FCI.--Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director]:

By Karen Gardner, Ph.D., FCI client

     "Dennis: This letter can be shared, if you so desire. I just finished my 80-day Program (70 days of actual juice fasting). At my age, I had a great deal of detoxing to do, even though I had tried to live a healthy life!
The fast has literally changed my values: for instance, I now have a much greater appreciation of grains, vegetables, seeds and nuts, than I ever had before. I plan on fasting once or twice a year, for the rest of my life. Because my fast was so long, I found it very difficult, and when I read the paeans of joy expressed by other FCI clients, I would ask myself why my experience was so different.

So, this letter is for the people who are afraid of long fasts, or who find the fasting process difficult! It was difficult, not because I was physiologically hungry, but because eating is such a social affair with me. So, the desire for food never left me, and I became very cognizant of the way we define our days by our meals (eg., 'Lets meet after lunch!').

     "I did
not follow your suggestion that I not tell others about my fast. In fact, I told practically everyone. It was much easier than trying to always find excuses for why I was basically not available for eating out. I also used it as a new way to raise the awareness of people. . .that there are options available (not that I was an expert, although I feel like one now!), but most people, I find, will listen to success stories!

My painful bursitis, with which I had been afflicted for the last several years, just disappeared. My serious problem with hay fever also disappeared, and I kept thinking what a wonderful gift I was giving my body, by finally letting it rest and heal itself. Interestingly, I only lost about 20 pounds during the entire fast, but I did not do the fast to lose weight, and it was almost as though my body knew this, at some level. And, I was enormously proud of myself when I finished. The sense of accomplishment was similar to the feeling I had when I finished my Ph.D.!

     "Only time will tell whether my gastrointestinal problems have been cured by the fast, but I am hopeful.
So, I am a fasting convert, and find the amount of energy I now have available to me to be awesome! People tell me I look and act radiant. So, if I can be of assistance to anyone contemplating a long fast, they can feel free to contact me (through FCI). Thanks, Dennis! Regards, Karen"

[FCI NOTE: For those who wonder whether FCI clients maintain their improvements, Doctor Gardner would later check in with the following]: "Hi, Dennis. It's been almost 9 months since my 2.5-month fast, and I'm in great shape! Since then, I've done a one-week fast, and am now doing a three-day fast. My question concerns the value of a three-day fast, and a one-week fast. I know you recommend fasting two to three weeks every year (for those of us who've done your Total Detox. Program, but it is so much easier for me to do a number of smaller ones, due to my travel schedule. If, however, the benefits of a three-day and a one-week fast are minimal, perhaps I will need to do the two- or three-week fast. I find I want to fast when I have had relatively unhealthy food during my travels, and for a 'tune up.' Thanks! Regards, Karen"

   [Over a year later, Karen would add]: "Dennis: Just to report in two years after my long fasting experience, I continue to enjoy the considerable benefits of that fast, and now fast for seven days every four months. I look forward to fasting now, as the anxiety associated with my first fasting experience has completely disappeared. With the obstacle of my anxiety removed, I can now actually feel my body celebrating during a fast! Regards, Karen Gardner"

   [Two of the most common common question prospective clients have are: "Do FCI clients maintain their gains?" and "Do they make fasting a part of their life?" Over a decade after completing her 80-day Program at FCI, Doctor Gardner emailed the following]:

   "Hi, Dennis: I'm about to complete the end of my 7-day fast this year, and wanted to give you an update on my health since I did the very long fast ~10 years ago. I fast every year for 1-3 weeks, depending on my travel schedule and how I feel. I basically have few health problems, and those that I have are minor; take no medication of any kind, and am in excellent physical shape from exercising a great deal, have high energy, and do not look my age. And age 68, that is saying something! Someone dismissed my health by saying I must have good genes. I responded by saying, au contraire: 'I had a genomic profile done and my genes are not wonderful' (which made me wonder if fasting helps keep certain deleterious genes from expressing themselves). At any rate, I think I am success story! Best regards, Karen"

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