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Why You Should Fast & How Fasting Heals!

"My painful bursitis and hay fever just disappeared, and I kept thinking what a wonderful gift I was giving my body, by finally letting it rest and heal itself. The amount of energy I now have is awesome! People tell me I look and act radiant. Thanks, Dennis!--Karen Gardner, Ph.D, 57, computer scientist, following her 80-day Fasting Program

"I found incredible energy and focus, while on the fast. Now, even off it, I do more in a day than I used to do in a week! That's no exaggeration. The 56-lb.weight loss and good physical shape are a fasting plus, but the spiritual and emotional gains are even larger. I've never felt so good! Dennis, you and Fasting Center International have truly saved my life, and probably my soul. This fasting experience would be cheap at 10 times the price. Thank you, thank you, thank you."--David Bracken, M.D., 48, Chicago orthopedic surgeon, after his 75-day Total Detox. Fasting Program
"During my 40-day Fasting Program, I've learned that the body is a miraculous and extremely evolved organism, quite capable of healing itself, if only given the chance. I found myself singing, laughing and loving more than I had ever done before. I see now that we kill ourselves slowly, by neglecting to allow ourselves the time to naturally heal."--Kim Tanaka, 19, Tokyo university sophomore
"I'm down 58 lbs, no longer clinically obese, and faster each week playing basketball--atomic energy! I received a compliment last night at a varsity basketball game when a friend asked, 'Have you found the Fountain of Youth?!' Thank you very much, Dennis; your Program makes me feel great!"--Bill Hanson, 48, an Easton, CT, CEO/home-builder, finishing his 85-day Fasting Program

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Fasting Information, Advice and Tips!

SCIENTIFIC FASTING is the oldest, fastest, least expensive and most effective healing method known to humankind, with more testimonials from our species' greatest thinkers and spiritual teachers than all other healing modalities combined, including all three Fathers of Western Medicine who practiced and prescribed it--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

Is Fasting Safe?
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Naturally, if you suffer alcoholism (advanced stage); insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes (Type 2 diabetics may do our Waivered Program); diseases caused by mal- or undernourishment, or irreversible wasting diseases; serious cardiac and cardiovascular diseases; liver cirrhosis; bleeding disorders of the stomach and intestine; certain psychiatric disorders; hyperthyroidism and advanced thyroid malfunctions, or if you're under 18 (still forming bone and teeth), pregnant or lactating, you should not fast. (For a complete list of those conditions for which fasting is contraindicated, see the "Who Should Not Fast" section near the bottom of our site's Health Solution page.)

blank gifOtherwise, Scientific Fasting is perfectly safe (read the next five paragraphs), although every reputable fasting book on Earth recommends that one should never do a prolonged fast, initially, without skilled, veteran, professional supervision. If it was safe for all three Fathers of Western Medicine, as well as for Buddha and Christ, it's probably safe for you, as well. And, vis a vis the Einsteinian conclusion that "NOTHING happens in this Universe by accident," it's no accident your intuitive wisdom has led you here, just as it's no accident FCI has been blessed these past 35 years to supervise our World's Largest Fasting Clientele, with clients on seven continents representing 220 countries.

Can I Still Work, Study, Exercise & Socialize While Fasting?
blank gifA common question among prospecive clients or those familiar with the unnecessarily debilitating and less efficient water fasting (which none of the world's best fasting clinics and fasting centers have done over the past century, instructively) is: 'Will I have enough energy to still function at work, and to exercise?' Our home page mentions, for example, a client did our Fasting Program while a Stanford University student training with the U.S. National Swimming Team--and went on to set an American record and win Olympic Gold (missing the world record by .007 of a second).

As another example, it also mentions a psychiatrist-pediatrician, 49, who throughout his 50-day Program, practiced psychiatry all week long at the Univ. of California at San Francisco, and on weekends, trained six hours each day for the Western States Ultramarathon, during which they not only run 100 miles, but climb 32,000 feet over the course of the race. His six-hour workouts included 2.5-hr., nonstop runs up hilly, mountain trails on Mt. Tamilpais.

Similarly, a Utah client, 41, wrote the following on the 37th fasting day of her 50-day FCI Program: "All is going well, and I have more energy and feel great. I have just returned from competing at Nationals in Full Contact Olympic Sport Taekwondo, where I won a gold and silver medal! I never thought that I could do that while fasting, but I found myself with lots of energy, and was very focused for what needed to be done."

One final example also (rather embarrassingly) puts all such questions to rest. . .from a Herzliya Pituach, Israel, mild-mannered newspaper reporter, 38, who spent 10 years as a U.S. Navy Seal officer after attending the Naval Academy, speaking here on the 40th day of the 50-day FCI Program he began at 5' 8", 191 lbs., wanting to leave behind a junk-food/beer habit that had resulted in him feeling "fat, fatigue, and dullness":

"As an exclamation point on my 40th fasting day, I participated in a local triathlon. Recall that I put this year's Ironman aspirations on hold to follow my intuition that led me to your site (baruch hashem--bless the name, as the locals here say). It was a last-minute decision, because I haven't been training for anything like a triathlon in months, not even a short sprint like this one, but was jogging, stretching, even some Pilates, as I tried to get used to my new, limber and lighter body. I didn't mention it to you the day before, because I really didn't want you to have to advise me against it. It was hot (you know, it is Israel in Summer) and the short race I did had a late-morning start, and I truly stuck to my plan of taking it extremely easy and just having fun.

"I wore a heart-rate monitor, which I never do during a race, just to keep myself in check. Despite the fact that I hadn't eaten solid food in 40 days, plus the heat, and the fact that I wasn't loaded out with my gucci endurance drinks, Carbo-Pro, salt tablets, gels and bars (just a bottle or two of strained OJ), I felt incredible, and really had to work on holding myself back the whole time! My heart rate was MUCH lower than before (pre-fast), and I was actually going FASTER with much less effort, and had to force myself to slow down. The difference on the bike was also incredible!

It's hilarious, actually, how some of us hedge and haw over a couple of grams or ounces here and there on our bike equipment. Imagine losing 33 POUNDS, and then getting on your old bike that was sneered at for being half a pound heavier than some other dude's new $9,000 racing bike. The time will come when I get to unleash this new engine at top speed, and see how my old bike motors along then. I got it moving pretty fast on Saturday, and it was oh-so-much easier. PeaceCheers, (confidential)."

[For those unfamiliar with the term, the first modern, long-distance triathlon event was the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, during which participants swam 2.4 miles (3.86 kilometers), bicycled 112 miles (180.2 km.), and finished up with a 26.2 mile run (42.2 km.). The abovementioned psychiatrist-pediatrician had done the Ironman a dozen times before doing our Program.]

How Long Should I Fast?
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Physicians, globally, trained as symptomatic practitioners, have neither theoretical nor experiential knowledge of scientific, therapeutic, prolonged fasting, excepting, that is, the worldwide M.D.s, psychiatrists, D.O.s, D.D.S.s and Ph.D.s in most all fields who do FCI Programs each and every year in increasing numbers, plus those few who have learned autodidactically. Therefore, please don't fault the former for not making recommendations, one way or the other, until they've further schooled themselves.

blank gifAmong those M.D.s who do have knowledge, Drs. J. Kellberg and P. Reizenstein of the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm--which actually awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine each year--clinically monitored in-hospital patients (not well-beings such as you and me) in fasting studies lasting up to 55 days, demonstrating that scientific, prolonged fasting's not only perfectly safe for most, but also therapeutically beneficial, as well. There are countless hundreds of fasting clinics and fasting centers in nations throughout Europe, where therapeutic juice fasting has long been used as the premier weight-loss, detoxification, and healing modality over the entire 20th Century, continuing here into the 21st.

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German and Swedish biological clinics, operated by medical doctors, routinely treat nearly every disease, from cardiovascular and digestive disorders to rheumatic and skin conditions, with scientific, therapeutic fasting. Germany's late Otto Buchinger, Sr., M.D., supervised over 100,000 successful "juice fasting cures." In Russia, fasting has been used for over a half-century as the most effective treatment for schizophrenia, with irrefragable studies showing that 70% of patients improved mentally after 20-to-30 days of controlled fasting. Similarly, one Japanese research clinic fasted 382 patients, all suffering psychosomatic disease, with a success rate of 87%.

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North America is still far behind the learning curve, nevertheless, as is clear to Dr. Charles Goodrich of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, who has fasted countless times: "People don't realize that the chief obstacle to fasting is overcoming the cultural, social and psychological fears of going without food. These fears are ingrained. . . .However, fasting is not starving, not even in a medical sense or the natural sense." Dr. George Cahill of Harvard Medical School emphasized the point: "Man's survival [of long abstentions from food] is predicated upon a remarkable ability to conserve the relatively limited body protein stores, while utilizing fat as the primary energy producing food."

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Nobel Prize-winnning Fr. biologist and surgeon Dr. Alexis Carrel, who spent 34 of his professional years in the United States, described in his magnum opus, "Man, The Unknown," the body's brilliant rejuvenative and regenerative capability, inherent in its own detoxification process vis a vis Scientific Fasting: "Privation of food at first brings a sensation of hunger, occasionally some nervous stimulation, but it also determines certain hidden phenomena which are more important. The sugar of the liver and the fat of the subcutaneous deposits are mobilized, and also the proteins of the muscles and the glands. . .in order to maintain blood, heart, and brain in a normal condition. Fasting purifies and profoundly modifies our tissues."

Types Of Fasts:
blank gifThose choosing Fasting Center International Programs primarily to lose their unnecessary weight do 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 70-, 80-, 90- or 100-day Programs, depending upon their goals. FCI's average client loses one lb./day for the first 20 days; then, 1/2 lb./day, thereafter, down to their body's next metabolic set-point, whatever that may be. On the average, 5-7 of those pounds are fecal matter from the colon, which is regained post-fast, upon refeeding.

blank gifHowever, fully half of all FCI clients are not fasting to lose weight, but to regain lost energy, heighten clarity of consciousness, enhance innate spirituality, or for prophylactic purposes--to clean, rest, regenerate and rejuvenate their own unique body. . .to detoxify the 5-to-10 lbs. of toxic chemicals the average adult now carries. Once again, one's Program length should be somewhat commensurate with one's goals. An educated estimate of how long it will take you to now totally detoxify your body--in the number of actual juice fasting days--is your chronological-age number, plus 17. Obviously, you don't have to do it all at once, although the majority of FCI clients now elect to do just that, taking advantage of FCI's 35 years of veteran, skilled, professional supervision.

FCI's 'Average' Client Does This Fast:
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Since 1996, our 'average' client, worldwide, now does FCI's Total Detoxification Program--their chronological-age number + 17, in number of actual juice fasting days, plus 5 days to transition in intelligently, and another 5 to skillfully break their fast. Our fees--all presently listed on FCI's How Do I Start link--also presently include FCI's post-fast "Lifetime Optimum Health Plan," containing the latest nutritional biochemistry, along with the oldest wisdom from the healthiest, most long-lived cultures on Earth. . .what they are doing that we're not!

blank gif 'Diets', as most learned the hard way, fail 99.5% of the time (according to America's Washington Post, which researched over 26,000 popular 'diets' that have come and gone over the previous 70 years). Fasting, on the other hand, has been used by humanity's greatest thinkers and spiritual teachers for countless millennia, because it actually works! Further, FCI's nonpareil 98.5% Program completion rate attests to that fact--a large portion of the reason why FCI has developed our world's largest, nonresidential fasting clientele, over the past 35 years.

blank gifSo, why not just do it. . .for yourself (and/or your loved ones). Let FCI be your skillful guide to a modern, scientific, health-restoring and rejuvenating juice fast. You'll save most of the cost on solids not taken during your Program. You'll then have this magnificent, self-improvement technique for the rest of your life. It'll help keep you out of US$2000 per day hospital rooms in your future. And you'll become healthier than most everyone around you! Considering the failed alternatives, most FCI clients consider their Program cost absurdly inexpensive!

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 P.S. Perhaps the greatest myth about Scientific Fasting is that you shall become weaker. European physicians disproved this myth long ago. In what famed Swedish biochemist and nutrition expert Dr. Ragnar Berg then declared was a "great scientific success," all the participants in the famous Swedish Fast Marches of both 1954 and 1964, led by Dr. Lennart Edren, walked 325 miles over 10 days--from Gothenberg to Stockholm--with no solid food at all. And as participant Karl-Otto Aly, M.D., concluded:

blank gif"The marches clearly showed that humans can live for an extended period without food, and even accomplish a hard, physical effort while fasting. The general, expressed feeling among participants was that they felt stronger and had more vigor and vitality after the fast, than before it!"

blank gifEuropean physicians also tested the parameters of safety, long ago. At Stobhill General Hospital in Glascow, Scotland, a 54-year-old, grossly overweight woman who had arthritis was clinically monitored on a 249-day juice fast, losing 74 of her 262 lbs., while watching her arthritis disappear completely.
OF THE HUNDREDS OF BOOKS ON FASTING in print today, globally, most all are mutually antagonistic and will hopelessly confuse any intelligent person asking why you fast or how you fast; whether for short fasts or long fasts; juice fasts or water fasts; whether you fast for weight loss or fast for detoxification; fast for addictions or specifically fast for eating disorders; fast for health benefits, overall, or fast for a specific health problem or health solution; fast for energy or fast for clarity; fast for mental health or fast for mind; fast for prayer or fast for spirituality; fast for Jesus or fast for God; fast for Allah or fast for Buddha; fast for your Creator, or just fast for everyone!

In truth, the only thing these hundreds of books on fasting hold in common is their recommendation that one should never do a prolonged fast without skilled, veteran, professional supervision, initially. Quite simply, one without experiential knowledge and distilled wisdom in our field can't be expected to know how to deal with all which can arise (physiologically, psychologically and spiritually) throughout a prolonged fast.

Therefore, supervision by one with decades of experiential knowledge as a wise and professional fasting mentor, fasting expert, fasting therapist or Fast Master of Scientific Juice Fasting will allow you to fast with the clean, clear confidence which only proven, distilled wisdom provides. FCI's clients on all continents and in all time zones, year in and decade out, thank us sincerely for our supervision's critical importance in providing them not only with discipline and confidence in our Scientific Fasting Programs, but also with support and inspiration to succeed; peace of mind throughout, and the wisdom to address any question which could arise at any point during their Program. . .all absolute imperatives for the success of any therapeutic modality.

Also, an experienced practitioner or fasting guide--one who has researched the international fasting literature; tested the different fasting methods, as well as studied the best fasting centers and fasting clinics on Earth--as I have while living more than 10 years outside my home country of America, in 55 cultures--can explain the myriad physiological, psychological and spiritual changes one can undergo during a scientifically designed, therapeutic, health-enhancing juice fast.

Because we supervises the most skillful juice fasts on Earth, FCI has developed, over 35 years, the World's Largest Fasting Clientele, enabling our clients to achieve an unparalleled 98.5% Fasting Program completion rate by mastering both the cognitive structure that is knowledge of Scientific Fasting, with the more important, reflectively internalized decades of experience which confer therapeutic wisdom. Quite simply, FCI provides every one of its global clients--now representing 220 nations--with superior professionalism as your personal fasting guide, respecting the confidentiality, privacy and nobility of all. So, let Fasting Center International now be your guide to a modern, pleasant, scientific, health-restoring and rejuvenating juice fast.

The cost is absurdly inexpensive, considering the alternatives, and by moving you back toward optimum health, can help keep you out of hospital rooms in your future (according to, "Depending on where the hospital is and the specifics of the care you are receiving, it can go up to $3000-to-$5000 per day; for a typical week, you may be looking at a minimum of $50,000-plus, depending upon the services you're utilizing"). Thus, skillful, Scientific Juice Fasting, as proven in clinically-monitored tests of in-hospital patients (not well-beings such as us) lasting up to 55 days at Sweden's world-famous Karolinska Institute, which annually awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, is Preventive Medicine of the very first order.


Here in 21st-century U.S.A., more than anywhere else on Earth, the number of Americans who are overweight or obese has reached epidemic proportions, so much so that these conditions have now superseded smoking as the number one cause of death, simultaneously increasing the prevalence of comorbid conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Thus, we hope you value yourself enough to finally honor yourself with this magic-carpet ride up into the stratosphere of human potential--virgin territory for the vast majority of human beings who spend their entire life in clouded consciousness, never realizing how awesome their TRUE potential really is. . .physiologically, psychologically and most importantly, spiritually (that inner desire for wholeness we all must finally address if we're to ever resolve our many addictions, including those which have presently resulted in America's staggering obesity epidemic, now being exported worldwide via our high-sugar, high-salt, high-fat, high-cholesterol, high-animal protein fast food mania (laced with antibiotics , toxins and pesticides from chemically-grown feed, and growth hormones: natural hormones estradiol, progesterone and testosterone, and the synthetic hormones zeranol, trenbolone acetate and melengestrol acetate).

Presently, two-thirds of America's adults (167 million) and 1-of-3 children are overweight or obese. By January of 2009, the number of obese Americans became greater than the number who are merely overweight, according to Government figures. Among U.S. adults (over 18) who've managed to balloon themselves into clinical obesity, some are content with mild obesity--measured as 30+ on the Body Mass Index (BMI)--while others in this fast lane of the slow-suicide path have extended themselves into morbid obesity (BMI 40+) and even malignant or super obesity (BMI 50+). Those at the most tragic extreme of this scale are the super-super obese (BMI 60+).

Over a year ago, I was invited to address this epidemic in a documentary film project, "The Heavy Truth," in which I noted that during my 14-month sabbatical through 55 countries in 2003, even then, only a handful on those nations did not have McDonald's supersizing the locals (over 31,000 restaurants in 119 nations); Subways, 30,506 in 80; Pizza Huts, 12,800 in 90; Burger Kings, 11,455 in 56; Wendy's, 6625 in 22; Taco Bells, 6040; Dairy Queens, 5600 in 12; Baskin Robbins, 5800 in 30; Arby's, 2800; Papa John's Pizzas, 3000 in 28; Applebee's, 1970 in 21, etc., with the smaller fries following suit, now that many chains feel they've "saturated" the U.S. market: Denny's, Domino's Pizza, Jack in the Box, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Winchell's Donuts, et. al.

In this regard, FCI's experience as the global leader in our field over the past three and a half decades has long confirmed the more recent diagnosis of Harvard-trained botanist and M.D., Andrew Weil, regarding the absolute necessity of ALL suffering addictions (and that's most of us, if you include the socially acceptable, addictive behaviors which don't attact the same attention as alcohol and smoking Joneses, but are represented in the lines which form inside every Starbucks on Earth, as well as among those exercising or working compulsively; chasing money, power or fame; endlessly surfing TV or the Net; compulsively eating, falling in love, gambling, having sex, shopping, watching porn, etc.) finally coming to grips with their comcomitant existential anxiety or spiritual angst.

Writing in Natural Health, Natural Medicine, p. 132, Doctor Weil concludes: "Addiction is not a psychological or pharmacological problem, and cannot be solved by the methods of psychology or pharmacology. It is, at root, a spiritual concern, because it represents a misdirected attempt to achieve wholeness, to experience inner completeness and satisfaction."

Thus, why not follow the intuitive wisdom which led you here and allow FCI to be your Personal Fasting Guide on this marvelous peak or transcendental experience which both the Buddha and Christ did before you, as did all three Fathers of Western Medicine and nearly every great thinker our species has produced, female and male, leaving us, historically, with more glowing testimonials to Scientific Fasting's myriad detoxification, rejuvenative and regenerative benefits than all other healing modalities combined. . .a marvelous self-improvement journey rewarding all with the courage and discipline to do it with FAR greater health, happiness and healing power.

        --Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director, Fasting Center International; optimum health consultant and internationally-published author
To: Dennis Paulson, CEO, Fasting Center Intl.

  Dear Dennis: Your Program constituted my first fast, 
and it was everything you said it would be, as well as 
having a few, unexpectedly-pleasant bonuses.

  You said I'd lose 20 lbs., and I did. You said my mind
would become clearer than those around me, and my friends
wanted to know what it was that made me clearer than they
were. You said people would notice a glow to my skin and a
whitening of my eyes, and they did. You said I would feel
serene and light, and I was.

  This would have been, in and of itself, better than a
gold-plated guarantee; but wait, there's more. There are no
more cravings for coffee, colas, beer, or other alcoholic
drinks, so I am out of the caffeine-up, alcohol-down cycle. I
have no desire for any meat, which means no more after-lunch
let down, and my digestive and eliminative organs are
functioning easily and regularly.

  My ability to concentrate, be creative, and increase
energy output, both physical and mental, is at a far higher
level than before the fast. And lastly, I've reached a
long-standing goal which was all but forgotten in the toxic
mists of my former self--to be in tune with my inner (spiritual)

  You've put your knowledge into an effective, concise,
understandable, and practicable Program, which gets the
results you represented would occur. I feel lucky to have
found Fasting Center International, and have access to your
accumulated knowledge.

  Sincerely, John Perry, American screenwriter
Way back in December, 2001, U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D., warned that: "Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in America, and could soon cause as much preventable disease and death as cigarette smoking. Some 300,000 Americans die each year from health problems directly related to obesity. This is probably the most sedentary generation of people in the history of the world!"

The Surgeon General's report defines overweight as having a Body Mass Index of 25 to 29.9, or being approximately 20-to-25 lbs. overweight. People with a BMI of 30 or more are considered obese, and are roughly 30 lbs. or more over their healthy weight. (BMI takes height and weight into account, and is computed by multiplying body weight in pounds by 703, then dividing that amount by height in inches squared.) If you wish to calculate your own Body-Mass Index--to determine whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese--click here: U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Satcher said his "call to action" will seek to promote the recognition of obesity as a health problem, and help Americans learn how to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, recommending that obesity be classified officially as a disease, to encourage insurance companies to reimburse for weight-control expenses. " This is not about aesthetics and it's not about appearances," Satcher said. "We're talking about health!" Satcher estimated that 1200 Americans die daily from weight-related illnesses, with rates of overweight and obesity rising across all U.S. age, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic groups. Further presaging where America is headed, by mid-2008, the incidence of Type 2 diabetes in children had increased by more than tenfold since 2000.

However, with 66% of American adults now overweight or obese, Doctor Satcher's warning wasn't taken any more seriously than his precedessor's 1996 announcement that just over half the adult population was then overweight or obese, facing increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, depression, several forms of cancer, and many other chronic ailments; that people in their 50s were the fattest; that extreme obesity was becoming more common, and that obesity was even increasing among preteens, with 12% of U.S. kindergarteners having a body-fat index putting them at risk for obesity.

Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse since the 1996 warning, when Dr. Albert Stunkard of the University of Pennsylvania concluded: "It's just eating too much. Physical activity hasn't increased enough to make up for it." Four years later, Dr. Satcher would report that just one-third of U.S. adults met experts' recommendations for at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week, obviously preferring the couch, food and TV instead, after having primarily sat at work all day, plus another 1.5 hrs. sitting in traffic (U.S. commuting average). Nearly three years later, in October, 2002, H.H.S. Secretary Tommy Thompson warned: "The problem keeps getting worse. We've seen virtually a doubling in the number of obese persons over the past two decades, and this has profound health implications.

Obesity increases a person's risk for a number of serious conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and some types of cancer." By 2005, the U.S. Institute of Medicine had announced that over 9 million American kids over 6 were already obese, not surprisingly following the dietary and lifestyle examples of their closest adult role-models. By mid-2008, a study conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found that 32% of U.S. children were overweight but not obese; 16% were obese, and 11% were extremely obese.


Intelligent adults, worldwide, realize that America has, for decades, exported not only its high-fat, high-protein, low-fiber, processed and packaged, fast-food mania around our globe, but has also exported its countless diet programs designed to fail, so people have to go back and pay through the nostrils over and over and over again, leaving many feeling hopeless about ever losing weight permanently.

Likewise, many were scammed by greedy physicians pushing expensive 'diet' pills for the Drug Industry--to over 18 million Americans annually, in the case of Fen-Phen, the powerful diet drug combination for which American Home Products, parent company of the manufacturer, eventually had to cough up more than $4 BILLION to settle thousands of legal suits filed by those whose health was damaged by the drugs.

Similarly, few know that the allopath who devised the hotly-debated weight-loss plan favoring steak and eggs over spaghetti and vegetables--which more than 30 million Americans have now tried--was hospitalized for cardiac arrest one year before dying in April, 2003, of complications from a fall. The New York City medical examiner's report showed that Dr. Robert Atkins was an obese 258 lbs. at his death, suffering from heart disease, age 72.

Among physicians criticizing the Atkins Diet, the U.S. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a leading advocate for preventive medicine and good nutrition, has been speaking out about the dangers of high-protein diets since its founding in 1985, stating at "Studies show that meat-heavy, high-protein eating patterns are, over the long run, linked to osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer and renal disease, and pose particular dangers for people with diabetes." Further, in an appearance on the Discovery Channel's "Second Opinion With Dr. Oz," fasting advocate Joel Fuhrman, M.D., added: "Popular diets such as the Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet, and the South Beach Diet result in short-term weight loss, but the critical question is whether these diets are safe," citing the medical journal "Angiology," where a study of people on the Atkins Diet for one year experienced a decreased blood flow to their heart by 40%, plus increased inflammatory markers. Dr. Fuhrman added that ketogenic diets like the Atkins plan can also cause cardiomyopathy or dilation of the heart, and that scientific research also shows a six-fold increase in certain cancers at the level of saturated fat seen in some of these popular diets.

Is it any wonder that by the time they arrive here at FCI, some 'diet cycle' survivors are almost too cynical to realize that the oldest, fastest, safest (biochemically) and least expensive weight loss and detoxification method on Earth is and always has been scientific fasting (not ethically-misnomered, extraordinarily expensive 'diet' scams foisted on suffering, trusting patients by money-hungry allopaths who know their OptiFast and MediFast DIETS have continuously damaged health and even killed over 60 Americans, in the case of OptiFast)? Or further, that FCI is actually teaching this marvelous, self-improvement technique for life?! Here are several, representative examples of what that discovery 'sounds' like:

"Through the years, diets always, always failed me. So did Weight Watchers and NutriSystem, with the painfully boring meetings and packaged foods. But Fasting Center International's 50-day Program was wonderful for me! I lost 30 lbs., learned how to keep it off, and I am really happy it worked so well for me!"

--Katherine Kennedy, American marketing executive

Fr: a Budapest, Hungary, client, 68, following a 40-day Fasting Program he did while his wife, 58, did our 50-day:

"As a writer and retired marketing/advertising man, I found my way to FCI in search of help with a digestive problem. The more I researched the Program, the more I came to realize that I had stumbled upon a rather remarkable resource, one that clearly represented a safe means of losing some weight and might even play a part in dealing with my recurring nasal polyps. I was also open to the possibility of experiencing a heightened spiritual awareness. For all these reasons, I decided to give it a go. In my relatively short FCI Program, I shed more than 20 unnecessary lbs. I haven't been this slim in decades!

"As for the nasal polyps, by the end of my Program, there was enough improvement to suggest that when I am able to do the Total Detoxification Program recommended by FCI's Director, there is every reason to hope for a complete reversal of this problem. I sincerely believe that this is so.

"This short offering would not be complete without mentioning Dennis Paulson, the Founder and Director of FCI. His knowledge and expertise are boundless; his support, total and constant. I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever come across anyone so powerfully at the top of his or her game than this remarkable individual, nor anyone who more effectively and convincingly walks his talk.

"I would recommend the FCI Program to anyone as a cornerstone in the rebuilding of good health. God bless and happy fasting!"--Emmanuel Elliott, Budapest

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These dated photos show three of FCI Founder/Director Dennis Paulson's most important teachers and inspirations on Earth--Malika (married & produced our first two grandchildren), Atisha (also married) and their younger sister Tamar--all familiar with the academic ladder (Atisha with two University of California undergraduate degrees, and his sister Malika, one, although she later simultaneously took her Master's at Rockefeller University and her Juris Doctor at Albany Law School, before passing the New York and Washington Bar Exams, and becoming a prosecutor; Tamar's completed her undergraduate work at U.C.L.A., having studied Spanish in Spain and French in France one Summer, spent 7 months "giving back" by teaching English to children in Busan, South Korea, during another, and then volunteering with the Instituto Accesoria Legal Derecho Internacionales in Lima, Peru, before taking her Master's at Georgetown University).

All three have traveled extensively, both with their parents and independently. Tamar, to Afghanistan, Argentina, Botswana, Cambodia, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Peru, South Korea, Lebanon, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen and Zimbabwe. Malika, to China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Thailand and Tibet.

Their big brother Atisha, who spent a junior high Summer in Costa Rica focused on Spanish and surfing, is a veteran globetrotter, as well, having backpacked around the world for nearly a year for post-graduate learning--through parts of Central and South America, north Africa, Europe and Asia--before opening an upscale restaurant with a friend in Santa Barbara, and then moving to New York's greater energy field to pursue his creative passion--creative photography and filmmaking. . .all world travelers inspired, on their Dad's side, by the 55 nations he was blessed to visit during his 14-month sabbatical in 2003, after previously living 9 years outside the U.S. As is often the case, the fruit does not fall far from the tree. If interested, click on photos for enhanced viewing.

ANY FASTING PROGRAM QUESTIONS, kindly email or phone Fasting Center International. Email:; phone: 818-590-2536 (know that the best time to catch Founder/Director Dennis Paulson, himself, with the least interruption, is between 10-4, California time).
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