I've done Fasting Center International's 50-day Program--with 40 days of actual fasting, and 5 transition days on either end--and I had amazing results!

My starting weight was pushing 240 lbs. (height, 5'10"), and to tell you the truth, I did the Program primarily for the clarifying aspect. I have been a coffee-addict for years; I had smoked in the past for a good long while; I had lived in urban settings for a good portion of my life, and knew that I was slowly toxifying every cell in my body. I could feel it every morning when I woke up and needed that coffee before I could move or see straight. I said, 'What the hell!', and of course wanted to lose the weight, as well.

I've always been a big guy, but over the last few years, I've put on about 40 pounds from sitting behind a computer screen everyday, and not going to the gym like I should have been (to tell you the truth, the gym never really helped all that much, and I'm psychologically adverse to strenuous exercise for long periods of time). I had basically gotten to the point where I just sort of wrote off the fact that I was huge and getting more huge. I've tried diets, but I would always break them right after I started them; I'm not one who has a very strong willpower with food. I am rather amazed I decided to do the fast, seeing that if I couldn't deny myself certain types of high-fat foods, how was I supposed to deny myself food completely?

Anyhow, I went ahead and did the fast (with my wife Julie, who was 165 at 5'6", and wanted to get down in pounds, as well), and the transition days were probably the hardest part of the fast (I had to deny myself coffee, cold-turkey, which put me in bed part of the first day with a raging headache), but once I started the actual juice-fast, about 3 days into it, my hunger ceased! I wasn't hungry at all, and the fast became a breeze. I expected that I'd probably be weak, or cloudy mentally, for the duration of the fast ('no proteins,' etc.--what a chunk of Western brainwashing! . . . probably promoted by the Meat and Dairy Council!), but I am excited to let you know that I was the clearest I've ever been in my entire life, and I had more energy on the fast than I had before or after. If you've seen Dennis's FCI pages, you probably have read some of the many on-line testimonials from other fasters, and you'll see that we all report a heightened energy level and heightened awareness. I'm a philosopher (UCB), so I really can judge my mental capacity, and I tell you, I was capable of levels of thought I didn't even know were possible.

I am going to do another fast sometime soon, just for that reason, alone. My energy levels were peaked as well, which I noticed one day at the gym (I got motivated to go to the gym, but to tell you the truth, I only went 4 times while on the fast; as I said, I'm adverse to strenuous exercise) when I was pedaling away at the stationary bike for 40 minutes, and I wasn't even tired! I usually can make it about 10-to -15 before I start to really feel it. One of the things that happens with the fast is that you stop digesting food, which takes up l0% of your energy during the day, when coupled with chewing, salivating, swallowing, digesting, assimilating, and eliminating. Also, I had more time, since I didn't have to cook at all. I was only needing about 4-6 hours of sleep a night, as well, which gave me lots of time to get work done.

Okay, brass tacks: you're probably wondering how much I lost, and did I keep it off, aren't you? Well, I went from 240 to 195 in 40 days of fasting (that's 45 POUNDS, 5-to-l0 of which I put back on after eating solid food once again--refilled my intestinal tract and colon, which were cleared during the fasting experience), and I'm now hovering around 205-210, with okay eating habits, although they could be better (they are much better than they were before!). Dennis Paulson provides, along with FCI's fasting-program information, a LIFE OPTIMUM-HEALTH PLAN which gives lots of good advice and counsel for eating healthfully and keeping the weight/toxins off that you've shed during the fast.

Now, some of the REAL benefits I've noticed from the fast. I liked the weight-loss, of course, but what the weight-loss really proved to me, once and for all, is that after a lifetime of being a heavy guy (always 20-40 lbs. overweight), that I actually have ultimate control over my consumption, and my body (weight and health). I proved to myself that I can actually go 40 days without solid food and survive (and flourish!), without any ill effects to show for it. I showed myself that I can drop 45 lbs at will, and that at any time, I can choose to weigh less. This is real power, which gives a self-confidence that was always lacking in my psychological makeup. Since the fast, I've decided to start my own company, instead of working for corporate America, and I've gotten more involved in my spiritual/philosophical pursuits. After the fast, my body was cleansed, and my mind was clear.

I cannot rave enough about FCI'S/Dennis's well-designed Program, which works wonders! I did it for 40 days, without ill effect. This is without protein powders and without solid foods. Forget most of the brainwashing you've been given by Western Medicine (which is often driven, I believe, in league with the giant Pharmaceutical Industry, to sell medicines you don't want or need, rather than getting to the root CAUSE of disease), and listen to people who have tried this fast. Dennis keeps a list of many people who have tried his Program who are also on-line, and willing to talk to anyone seriously interested in starting an intelligent fast. The guidance he gives is essential, and he is always there to answer any questions and guide you through the difficult times, when thoughts of breaking the fast prematurely might weigh on your mind (usually just old mental tapes).

Though the fast was pretty simple, really (no hunger; no desire), there were some difficult moments, like when my wife Julia and I went to a going-away party for one of her colleagues. It's really amusing how much social events revolve around food consumption, and when you say 'no' to the food, you are percieved as saying 'no' to the social interactions, as well. We were in a house of about 30 people, and we ended up petting the dogs alot! The plan Dennis gives you at FCI is yours for life, and once you've done a skillful fast under his supervision, you'll be able to conduct them whenever you desire, for whatever reason you have, without any fears of ill health or ill effects. And hopefully, if you follow his LIFETIME OPTIMUM-HEALTH PLAN even 75%, you'll never have to fast again for weight-loss reasons. You'd be amazed what merely switching to all-organic foods will do for your consumption levels and your bodily health!

FCI's fasting programs are amazing, and I would suggest them to everyone, even if they don't have to lose any weight (true of fully half of FCI's clients, worldwide), because you not only shed pounds, but you shed toxins from your system which have built up over years, and really start to take a toll on your overall bodily energy and health, as well as your mental acuity. Before doing this Program, I'd felt myself get 'dumber' and 'cloudier' over time, so this was really my prime motivation for trying the fast in the first place; however, all of my former mental vigor has returned. I guess my neural pathways were clogged with all that caffeine and chocolate residue from my four double-mochas a day! Now, I'm not going to kid you: I am back to the java bean (it's a social addiction), but I don't drink nearly as much, and I feel it's more of a choice now. I can (and have) quit at any time (justify, justify, justify), and more importantly, my consumption level has dropped to a reasonable point. I must say, however, that living life decaffinated is amazing, and is worth trying again in the future.

Anyhow, I've raved enough to you, and I'm willing to answer any specific questions you might have about FCI's Program. I am totally, 100% behind it, and hope that anyone who can do this skillful juice-fasting Program will try it (FCI's Web pages list those for whom it's contraindicated).

Before finding Fasting Center International, I was about ready to just throw in the towel regarding weight-loss, never reaching my lifelong fantasy of being thin (always a chubby kid). Now, however, I've proved to myself that I CAN weight whatever I choose, and I CAN get there fairly effort-free, as long as I follow the specific directions laid out in Dennis Paulson's FCI Program. I was fortunate enough to originally meet Dennis outside of the Internet setting--where he'd already developed the world's largest nonresidential fasting clientele, over decades--and to get hooked up with his Program. But as Fasting Center International is also online, please check out their testimonial-filled pages (http://www.fasting.com) and send Dennis email (FastMaster@fasting.com). He's informative and responsive, and his Program really works. Also, feel free to send me questions about the fast at any time, and I'll recount my experiences to you. I'm in the Internet industry, and I'm always on-line. So do send me email (through FCI), and I'll talk with you further about my 40-day fast, if you wish.-- Joshua Archer

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