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Your Personal Fasting Guide. . .

By Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director

THOSE WHO'VE NEVER FASTED may wonder why you fast and how you fast safely, perhaps having heard and/or read a little about the possibility of doing a short fast or long fast, juice fast or water fast, therapeutic fast or spiritual fast, supervised fast or blind-flying. As with everything in life, it's worthwhile listening to the recognized masters or experts.

blank gifOtherwise, if you simply try the CliffsNotes approach of reading a fasting book or two, or pull up some website dispensing how-to information you have no way of knowing the scientific validity of, you could easily wind up like a couple who tried a "40-day spiritual fast" from what they read on the Campus Crusade for Christ International website, among others, and wound up in the emergency room of a Kentucky hospital in what the team of 7 physicians who immediately made a conference call to Fasting Center International (FCI) termed "a dazed condition."

blank gifAnd, since Scientific Fasting has never been taught in any of America's 126 medical schools, these Allopathic medical doctors were clueless regarding how to proceed, asking: "What do we do? Their electrolytes are completely out of balance. How do we begin re-feeding them? What can go wrong if we give them the wrong foods? What about liquids?" Etc.

OBVIOUSLY, YOUR PRECIOUS TEMPLE is not some cheap DVD to be fooled with, but an extremely complex, delicate system which one can harm without even realizing how, especially if fasting by the seat of one's pants into the virtual unknown on a wing and a prayer, with neither the experiential knowledge nor the distilled wisdom to understand, for instance, whether that fasting advice you read on some website is efficacious or not. . .helpful or harmful. . .proven, unproven, or disproven.

blank gifAs always, it's worthwhile looking at what those who've fasted before us have done--including how fasting has benefitted them--especially those we respect as our greatest role models. As for those we choose as our fasting guide, fasting supervisor, fasting therapist or fasting expert, the only ones who qualify as true Fast Masters are those with decades of successful fasting supervision of many, many thousands of clients, through all the physiological, psychological and spiritual problems which prolonged Scientific Fasting has a record of effectively addressing, over millennia, as our species' oldest, safest (biochemically), fastest, least invasive, least expensive and most efficacious healing modality, with more testimonials from our greatest minds, historically, than all other healing modalities combined.

blank gifTo use just one prominent Internet example, the late Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade For Christ, didn't do his first 40-day fast until age 72 (living another 10 years; he died from complications related to pulmonary fibrosis--a disease he had been suffering from for several years). Two years later, he was awarded the Templeton Prize For Progress In Religion, and in accepting that $l million prize, he promised to use it--in its entirety--to promote the combined power of fasting and prayer among Christians, nondenominationally, explaining: "During my 40-day fast, I was impressed to pray that God will call at least 2 million Christians to fast-and-pray for 40 days, for the coming Great Revival."

blank gifAs a fellow Christian, although I've always greatly respected and admired Bill's compassionate and inspirational motivation, he simply didn't live long enough to do the decades of work necessary to master our field of fasting--absolutely imperative before dispensing fasting advice which can be read and presumed to be correct by hundreds of millions on this global Internet--any more than have the programmers now running that site since his passing. As just one example, I could never follow Bill's "Finishing Your Fast" advice on that site, as I find it faulted from a number of perspectives. Giving free, even compassionately-motivated advice is one thing (which anyone able to hoist a website into Cyberspace can and too often does). However, giving expert advice grounded in decades of skilled, Scientific Fasting supervision is something else again. Unfortunately, the same is true of the hundreds of fasting books in print here in our world today, most all of which are mutually antagonistic and will hopelessly confuse any intelligent person.

FROM YOUR SIDE, however, giving someone the responsibility to be your personal Fasting Guide, Fasting Therapist or Fast Master, hoping they'll be able to provide you with personal, detailed, effective, proven fasting advice and supervision throughout your entire fasting experience--from skillfully transitioning you into it, to scientifically dealing with all which CAN arise in you throughout it (on all three levels--physiologically, psychologically and spiritually), to intelligent transitioning you out of it--is not something you should hand over lightly, nor just because it's "free" (which it never is, as the abovementioned Kentucky couple learned the hard way).

blank gifBeyond all the tragic stories which FCI continually hears (but you never do), year in and decade out as the 35-year global leader in our field--long supervising our World's Largest Fasting Clientele, with clients on seven continents representing 220 countries--know that attempting a bungee jump into the virtual unknown of prolonged fasting CAN not only result in myriad problems, but can also turn you off to this marvelous, self-improvement technique for the rest of your life. . .which would be a tragedy.

blank gifTerms such as orthostatic hypotension, atrial fibrillation, ketoacids, serum bicarbonate, and compensated metabolic acidosis mean absolutely nothing to unskilled, novice fasters, but these CAN be physiological side-effects of prolonged fasting. Hence, skilled, veteran, professional supervision is absolutely necessary to similarly avoid things as simple as hemoconcentration (increased red blood concentration), an increased BUN (blood urea nitrogen) level, and electrolyte insufficiency or depletion in the body/brain (one of the problems with water fasting, as well as with the free-on-the-Internet, so-called Master Cleanser DIET some mistakenly refer to as 'fasting,' which is why none of the world's best fasting clinics/centers have done either over the past century).

blank gifIn other words, one can harm one's delicate system without even KNOWING it. As is clearly stated on most comprehensive and educational Scientific Fasting website on this World Wide Web since 1995, before literally ALL of the other 'fasting' websites you see today were even a seed in someone's imagination--Fasting Center International, along with every reputable fasting book extant, recommends that NO ONE ever do more than three days of 'fasting' (which is next to useless, by the way, since it takes three-to-four days to shut down the various systems in the body before moving into the advanced stage of autolysis or self-digestion, which is where true detoxification begins) WITHOUT skilled, veteran, professional supervision.

blank gifFinally, know that FCI will be happy to address, at length, "The Myriad Dangers Of Unsupervised Fasting" for anyone who emails us your request to:

WITH THAT IN MIND, as you ponder why you fast and how you fast safely, when you fast and where you fast, know that FCI offers Scientific Fasting Programs from 20-days (14 days of actual juice fasting, with the requisite 3 transitioning days on each end) to 120-days (110 fasting days, with 5 days to skillfully enter it, and 5 to intelligently break it). That said, let's let's look at why Scientific Fasting HAS long been humanity's greatest healing modality; why nearly all of our species' greatest thinkers have done prolonged fasting, and why so many sisters and brothers with health issues are turning away from Conventional Medicine, and seeking proven-over-millenia approaches to better health.

blank gifThe reason is stated well by one of America's best-known medical doctors, Deepak Chopra, M.D.: "NONE of our Western medical interventions get to the root CAUSE of disease." Many now refer to the growing, alternative Western focus on body-mind health as healing's new frontier, yet perhaps its very premier modality--Scienfitic Juice Fasting--has been used by most of our greatest thinkers since time immemorial, including all three Fathers of Western Medicine.

blank gifAt Fasting Center International (FCI)--again, the World Wide Web's premier site for regaining one's birthright potential of optimum health, happiness and healing power since 1995--avant-garde M.D.s, D.O.s, psychiatrists, and Ph.D.s in nearly every field, doing our Programs year in and decade out in increasing numbers, are helping us lead this necessary paradigm shift, so that, in Dr. Chopra's words, "Western Medicine can finally grow out of it's outdated, Newtonian model of reality, wherein nature and, by extension, the human body, functions as an intricate, impersonal machine" (as opposed, obviously, to the inseparable body-mind-spirit complex which Scientific Fasting has addressed quite naturally, millennium after millennium, as most all of our species' most celebrated thinkers and spiritual teachers discovered, historically).

blank gifAs FCI helps sharpen the cutting edge of this new, globally emerging, wholistic health paradigm, and as all of us 2lst-Century Cybernauts view the deteriorating quality of existence--from our exploding population and environmental degradation, to global warming and rents in our planet's protective ozone layer--we may well discover that the two most important requisites for one's optimum health and enhanced longevity may now be (1) periodic Scientific Fasting, along with (2) systematic undereating of a more intelligent, plant-based diet (organic, whenever possible), going directly to the source of our nutrients, rather than running them through the second-hand sort systems of progressively more toxic animals.

THE AVERAGE AMERICAN ADULT, for instance, now carries 5-to-10 lbs. of toxic chemicals in her or his precious body. Additionally, two-thirds of our adults are overweight or obese, primarily from unskillful nutritional habits. Thus, it's not surprising a recent study found that three-fourths of U.S. adults do not exercise regularly; many, not at all. (Plus, at least that many more now think they are too heavy, as indicated by a recent Glamour survey in which 82% of women at desirable weight believed themselves to be fat, as did 45% of under-weight women. . .due, in no small measure, to the sad acculturation by our media at all levels, especially in our 'women's' magazines.)

blank gifAs it's proved over millennia, Scientific Juice Fasting helps you stay slim, healthy and vital, while breaking addictions. Further, it will increase physical well-being, mental clarity, and sexual virility. However, its greatest benefit results from its capacity to detoxify, rejuvenate and regenerate the physical body, thus allowing the mind to function more efficiently, as well. In Plato's words: "I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."

blank gifBy providing all digestive, assimilative and eliminative organs a much-needed rest, periodic fasting also restores and normalizes glandular, metabolic and nervous-system functions; speeds elimination of morbid accumulations, toxic wastes and of dead cells; accelerates new cell and tissue generation, and enhances cell-oxygenation. Perhaps more importantly, it introduces a heightened clarity of consciousness and enhanced, innate spirituality which we all-too-often forget we possess.

IN OTHER WORDS, prolonged fasting miraculously puts us each in touch with our Higher Power or Highest Mind, which is why the Buddha, Moses, Elijah, Hippocrates, Galen, Paracelsus, Christ, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Francis and Mahatma Gandhi practiced and recommended it, as did all the equally great and noble women, historically, whose fasting achievements and equivalent accomplishments went unrecognized and unrecorded by the patriarchal societies they all suffered in.

blank gifLow-calorie and other fad 'DIETS' fail disastrously, because they literally starve your body (still dependent upon nutrients from the 'outside,' as some solids continue to be ingested) of much-needed nutrients, causing even greater biochemical imbalance. Thus, when one can no longer stand to continue 'DIETS'--because of how heavily her or his body is craving what's still being denied--she or he usually overcompensates in an attempt to rebalance her-/himself, nutritionally, often gaining more weight than was lost, thus further lowering self-esteem. After researching 26,000 popular U.S. 'DIETS' which have come and gone over the past 70 years, the Washington Post concluded that "DIETS have failed Americans 99.5% of the time," a message all yo-yo dieters sadly conclude, and which Bob Schwartz, Ph.D., hammered home in both of his best-selling books, "Diets Don't Work" and the sequel, "Diets Still Don't Work!"

blank gifDuring Scientific Juice Fasting, on the other hand, your body autolyzes (self-digests) its own stored substance, resynthesizing nutrients and eliminating toxins. Additionally, fruit and vegetable juices, along with FCI's alkalinizing Vegetable Broth and specific herbal detox. teas, add vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes to the body, in addition to aiding detoxification.

PERSONALLY, I've periodically done prolonged Scientific Fasting over more than four decades. For others, as Founder/Director of Fasting Center International, which has been blessed, over the past 35 years, to supervise our World's Largest Fasting Clientele--with clients on seven continents representing 220 countries--I recommend FCI's most popular TOTAL Detoxification Fasting Program (one's chronological age + 17 in number of juice fasting days), followed by annual 'Spring cleanings' of two or three weeks. Our ancestors 'fasted' many times without ever planning it, often living on next-to-nothing before the harvest arrived, or during periodic famines. Today, many of the most long-lived cultures on Earth still live with this health-promoting 'uncertainity,' without the availability of exotic fruits and vegetables from distant areas, or our superb, time-saving juicers.

blank gifAfter one does prolonged Scientific Fasting, food digestion and nutrient utilization are improved, while organ sluggishness and further water-retention are precluded. Thus, besides allowing one to permanently remove unnecessary pounds and accumulated toxins from her or his body, Scientific Juice Fasting greatly enhances the capacity of your body-mind-spirit complex to deal with stress, and thus prevent dis-ease.

blank gifComedian and civil-rights activist Dick Gregory purposefully put the lie to the two greatest falsehoods about fasting (particularly prevalent among U.S. symptomatically trained physicians, all of whom received no training, whatsoever, in fasting in any of America's 126 med schools) by l) skillfully juice fasting nearly 200 lbs. from his obese frame and keeping it off for over 40 years now, plus 2) running from Los Angeles to Chicago WHILE juice fasting--averaging nearly two marathons a day for 40 straight days (a feat water fasters can't even dream of accomplishing, well advised by those few who still practice it--and NONE of our world's best fasting clinics and centers have done water fasting over the past century, for very good reasons--to spend most of their time in bed).

EMPHASIZING THIS POINT several years ago, two young men who won the annual ultramarathon bicycle Race Across America took no solids whatsoever. . .3200 miles, in barely over eight days! Obviously, all three Fathers of Western Medicine knew what they were doing in practicing and prescribing prolonged fasting--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

blank gifFasting is contraindicated for all pregnant and lactating mothers, for children not yet fully grown (still forming bone and teeth), and for all those suffering serious conditions requiring monitoring by physicians, including insulin-dependent, Type 1 diabetics. Also, those who've not yet discovered the superiority of juice fasting over water fasting may wish to consider these remarks from Swedish Nobelist Dr. Ragnar Berg, long our world's foremost authority on nutrition and biochemistry before his passing:

blank gif"During fasting, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. We can help this cleansing process by drinking alkaline juices, instead of water, while fasting. I've supervised many fasts, and made extensive tests of fasting patients, and I'm convinced that drinking alkaline-forming fruit and vegetable juices, instead of water, will increase the healing effect. Elimination of uric acid and other inorganic acids will be accelerated, and sugars in juices will strengthen the heart. Juice-fasting is, therefore, the very best form of fasting."

A NOTE OF CAUTION for those seriously contemplating doing a prolonged, supervised fast, either for weight loss or detoxification (or both). Europe, unlike the U.S., has myriad, residential fasting centers and clinics in nearly every country (the best being the world renowned Buchinger Klinik, a private, 90-bed health hospital in Bad Pyrmont, near Hannover, Germany, where my longtime friend and colleague, Andreas Buchinger, M.D., is Director (

blank gifIn America, however, because Symptomatic Medicine has for so long abandoned the wisdom of 'prevention,' patients by the tens of millions are instead choosing alternative healing modalities. In Conventional Medicine's attempt to lure these infidels back, clinics, hospitals and universities from coast to coast, for several decades now, have offered various types of weight-control and so-called 'fasting' programs.

blank gifBut, as U.S. symptomatic practitioners are taught nothing about Scientific Fasting, and precious little about nutrition, it's understandable why a Newsweek cover story on the U.S. 'DIET' industry found that over half of those who began these exhorbitantly expensive, physician-sponsored programs (commonly 26-week programs such as Optifast and Medifast, each costing approximately $3000) never did complete them. And, of those who did, the vast majority wound up precisely like Oprah when she tried OptiFast--quickly regaining it all.

blank gifSadly, about all these clinics, hospitals and individual physicians pushing these DIETS have accomplished in their greed for obscene profits, is to taint the reputation, earned over millennia, of true fasting (as is easily seen by the large amount of misinformation about even true fasting on our Internet today). This same greed later led allopaths to push health-damaging diet-pill combinations on naively trusting Americans, causing many open-heart surgeries and even deaths.

blank gifSuch protein-sparing modified 'fasts'--not fasts at all, as they include powdered solids in shakes 5-to-6 times daily--prevent the advanced stage of autolysis (self-digestion) from occurring, as the appestat mechanism in the brain continues to signal appetite (accounting for their extraordinarily high failure rate, as opposed to Fasting Center International's unparalleled 98.5% Program completion rate--because true fasting shuts down the brain's appestat mechanism 3-to-4 days in, precluding hunger from arising, thereafter).

blank gifAs Joel Fuhrman, M.D., warned in Fasting And Eating For Health: "Please don't make the mistake of grouping any unusual practice that is 'something like' fasting. . .to the real thing. For instance, protein-sparing modified fasts are more than dangerous. . . .Liquid-protein diets, or protein-modified fasts, have caused the death of more than 60 people. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control, "Liquid-Protein Diets," U.S. Public Health Service, 1979 publication number EPI-78-11-2.) Fortunately, increasing numbers of Americans realize you can't purchase health in a can or bottle. For the rest of you, please don't allow yourself to be conned into trying a quick way to get something for nothing. You can't poison your body with toxic drugs and expect not to reap the consequences, down the road. Likewise, you can't poison your body with an unhealthy high-fat or high-protein diet, and expect not to pay the price with the eventual deterioration of your health."

BECAUSE WE SUPERVISE the most skillful, scientific juice-fasts on Earth, FCI has developed--over 35 years--the World's Largest Fasting Clientele. As Founder/Director, I recommend that all intelligent Cybernauts stay away from any self-styled fasting practitioner who does not have several decades of both theoretical and experiential knowledge under her/his belt. Again, it's worth repeating that fasting has never been taught in any of Ameria's 126 accredited medical schools.

blank gifAs so many, many suffering beings have learned the hard way, a fool and her/his money are soon separated. In the same vein, it's worth repeating that every reputable fasting book on Earth warns that one should never attempt a prolonged fast (more than three days) without professional supervision.

blank gifAll clients of Fasting Center International, Inc., worldwide, receive skilled, veteran, start-to-finish, professional supervision throughout their Program, along with the intelligent follow-on missing from most DIET programs (yet another reason they fail 99.5% of the time, according to Washington Post research)--our 60-page "Lifetime Optimum Health Plan," including the latest nutritional biochemistry, as well as the oldest wisdom from the healthiest, most long-lived cultures on Earth (what they're doing we're not). Thus, it's no accident that FCI has long been blessed as the global leader in its field.

POST-FAST, among our clients on seven continents, most enjoy their FAR greater health, happiness and healing power so much that they make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes and never looking back. A few, however, adopt a more gradual approach, with some even backsliding before finally getting serious. Regardless, all who do our Scientific Fasting Program take back a greater degree of control over their precious body-mind-spirit complex, becoming healthier, happier, stronger, more conscious beings. . .after their magnificent inner cleansing. Plus, they then have this marvelous, self-improvement technique for life, and can use it with confidence!

blank gifShould you or any of your loved ones, friends or colleagues wish to more intelligently explore prolonged, Scientific Juice Fasting's extraordinary possibilities, please read our website and then call or email us (contact info. below) with any questions you may have, as well as for our FREE "Introductory Juice Fasting Letters," which will help bring you further up to speed, so you can make a more informed decision. Finally, thank you so much for caring enough about yourself to have read this far.

blank gifBeyond that, may you enjoy a stable, meritorious life with a good heart, helping to end unnecessary suffering whenever you're able. Respectfully, Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director, FCI

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