[FCI NOTE: As those suffering it become acutely aware, psoriasis has a well-earned reputation for being intractable--chronic, erratic, and thoroughly unpredictable. Symptomatic Medicine has no cure, but says the symptoms are quite treatable, and with appropriate therapy, can be rendered minimally annoying in the vast majority of cases. They add that it can be precipitated or aggravated by emotional stress, drug reactions, or strep throat, and about 5% of cases develop an arthritis (different from rheumatoid arthritis) most commonly affecting the hands (and in severe cases, the back). Symptomatic Medicine usually treats it topically (medication applied to the skin), rather than systemically (medication injected or ingested), using corticosteroid creams or ointments, coal-tar preparations, and ultraviolet light, in therapy. Their reports indicate that tar and ultraviolet-light treatments have controlled the symptoms of widespread psoriasis.

      Obviously, the reason Conventional Medicine has no cure for psoriasis is because their medical education is limited to treating only symptoms--either with drugs, or surgery. To resolve psoriasis (or any other health problem, for that matter), one must deal with the actual causes, which might, at least, seem logical to a six-year-old. Know that prolonged, scientific, therapeutic juice-fasting addresses the actual causes of dis-ease conditions, cleansing your body of the 5-to-10 lbs. of accumulated toxic chemicals, drugs and uneliminated metabolic wastes; cleaning your bloodstream of excessive cholesterol and triglycerides; removing arterial plaque; strengthening your immune system, and most importantly, giving your entire body-mind-spirit complex much needed rest, rejuvenation and regeneration.

      That's why so many of our species' greatest thinkers fasted repeatedly, including all of our greatest spiritual teachers, as well as all three Fathers of Western Medicine--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who diagnosed fasting as "the greatest remedy, the physician within"). Likewise, that's why FCI has M.D.s, D.O.s, DDSs, and Ph.Ds in every field, globally, doing our Programs in increasing numbers each year: to learn how to adapt this greatest of all healing modalities to their own unique body-mind-spirit complex, in order to have this marvelous, self-improvement technique for life and be able to use it with confidence!

      John Richardson, 52, is an electrical engineer with a large defense contractor in Dallas, TX, who began his 80-day Total Detoxification Program to address psoriasis and general health issues. Three days after completing it, he wrote the following]:

      "How I came to the point of beginning an 80-day Fasting Program with Fasting Center International (FCI) started when I was 16 years old. I still recall the first moment when I noticed that I had psoriasis, reaching up to itch my head and scratching off a little skin from my scalp. For the next 24 years, I tried most every trick that a number of dermatologists had in their bag of potions, treatments and pills. The side effects were usually more apparent than good results. While sitting in a dentist's chair around my 40th birthday (12 years ago) to address some gum problems caused by a drug prescribed to treat my psoriasis, the dentist's assistant told me about a program of diet and exercise that she'd heard about which had helped another patient with psoriasis.

      "I tried that program--LeanBodies--which was available locally, with positive results. The program called for eliminating processed food from my diet and adding aerobic and weight-training to my weekly schedule. My psoriasis improved such that I could control it to some degree with only prescribed topical ointments. When I commented to my dermatologist's nurse, she said that anything I could do to improve my overall health would generally improve my psoriasis. This became a foundational principle for me as I began to look for other ways to improve my general health.

      "Along my path to better health, I became interested in adding more and more raw fruits and vegetables to my diet. After six months of consuming 80% of my daily calories from raw fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds, I decided to make the leap to 100% raw vegan. During the first six weeks on a raw, vegan regimen, I went through several bouts of detoxification 'crises,' where I had flu-like symptoms for a day or two. These experiences got me interested in detoxification, which I subsequently studied. While there are many approaches to detoxification, I became persuaded that the best approach was through fasting. Thus, I embarked upon learning more about fasting and came to the conclusion that extended fasting, with supervision, is the best approach. Looking at the alternatives, I at first thought I would need to attend a retreat center, most likely for 6-8 weeks, to do an extended water-only fast. That meant I would have had to take off work, without pay, for a couple of months, as I didn't have that much vacation time available.

      "So, between the cost of attending a retreat center, paying for medical supervision, and the lost salary, I was looking at a significant investment in time and money. While it may well be worth it--as good health is worth more than what money can buy--I was still reluctant to make that commitment. Later, however, while searching the Internet for 'fasting supervision' in the Dallas area, I discovered Fasting.com and read through their website. I emailed them with many questions, which Founder/Director Dennis Paulson promptly and patiently answered. As the timing was not good to start at the that particular moment, this gave me about six months to investigate juice-fasting, and to consider participating in an extended juice-fast under the supervision of FCI. After further consideration, I decided to engage FCI's services for a Total Detoxification Program of 80 days (using their "chronological age plus 17 in number of actual juice-fasting days" average as the basis, being age 52).

      "I began my 80-day Program after being on a raw-food regimen for one year. During that year, I had avoided the use of all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, caffeine, alcohol, and any other addictive substances. Thus, when I began my 80-day Program, it was not a big transition for me. I had already broken my addictions to cooked foods, processed foods, fast foods, etc., over the past few years. However, I truly admire and respect the majority among FCI’s clientele--with many addictions in place--who apparently go 'cold turkey' into the Program. The Program, itself, I found to me very manageable and easy to follow. I took one day at a time, simply following FCI’s recommendations. . .following a new daily routine. I didn't have many questions or problems. It turned out the raw, vegan experience was a good training ground for this fast, as there are many similarities. However, it was great to have guidance and encouragement available whenever I needed it, which turned out, on average, to be weekly for me.

      "It's now been three days now since I finished my 80-day Program, which included 70 days of actual juice-fasting. It's nice to be able to now eat what I want, when I want; however, I am now very motivated to eat carefully and deliberately, with the goal of properly feeding my body's needs, not just to stimulate my taste buds. My experience during the fast was mostly positive. I enjoyed the 'heightened clarity' which many FCI clients talk about. I did not experience a lot of energy, as I preferred to take it easy, although I maintained a schedule of moderately intense aerobic exercise throughout. I dropped my weight-training about halfway through, preferring to defer further training until after the Program, allowing more of my energy to go into the detoxification.

      "Throughout the Program, however, I had adequate energy to perform whatever I needed to do--work, lawn and garden, home and car maintenance, etc. However, I preferred 'quiet time' the most, just sitting and reflecting, or praying. On the negative side was being cold most of the time, and having to be careful about standing up too quickly, to avoid dizziness. While spiritual growth was on my list of original goals, it was low on that list, because healing was my primary goal. However, spiritual growth ended up being one of the primary benefits I experienced. As I was starting the fast, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a long time who recommended a book, 'A More Excellent Way,' by Henry Wright, which I began to read. This book triggered a time of spiritual growth that the fasting experience seemed to reinforce and encourage.

      "I am now adjusting to my post-fast diet, and still pursuing my spiritual growth. I'm again weight-training, with the goal to regain strength and weight lost during the fast. I didn't fast to lose weight, but during the fast, got down to the weight I'd been at while wrestling in high school. However, I expect no problems in regaining weight lost, by simply eating wisely, exercising, and taking one day at a time. I am thankful I had the opportunity to fast with FCI, and believe the experience has been very rewarding. My psoriasis is better than it has ever been, with perhaps 98% clearing. I expect the healing to continue as I apply healthy eating principles and address related spiritual issues.

      "FCI fully lived up to their part of the agreement throughout this experience. As a customer, I very much appreciate it whenever I deal with any commercial enterprise which does everything they say they will do, treats me fairly, with integrity, and exceeds my expectations along the way. That characterizes my experience with FCI. Thank you, John

"P.S. Dennis, I will send you an update on my progress in three months.

"P.P.S. It seems to be my nature (and perhaps as an engineer) that I tend to be more matter-of-fact, even when positive and supportive about something. I know the above doesn't read like most others' testimonies, but it is what I can honestly report. I hope it's useful, but if not, I have already benefited just by thinking about and writing down my thoughts.

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