[NOTE: With most health problems, the human body is brilliantly designed to heal itself. . .if only given sufficient opportunity. Over the past 35 years FCI has been blessed as the global leader in our field, supervising our world's largest, nonresidential fasting clientele--on seven continents representing 220 countries--many here have learned that prolonged, scientific, therapeutic fasting, along with intelligent dietary and lifestyle changes, can resolve gouty arthritis. Essentially, each adult carries a lifetime's accumulation of chemical toxins, drugs, uneliminated metabolic wastes, etc., which are a primary cause of myriad health problems, exacerbated, as inferred above, by unskillful dietary and lifestyle habits. Thus, if one wishes to enjoy Life's 'Back Nine' with any portion of the health, happiness and healing power s/he has enjoyed during the 'Front Nine,' one needs to remove that lifetime accumulation of an inner, toxic wastedump.

   A year and a half ago, FCI was contacted by a 33-year-old who'd already tried and failed an unscientific, thoroughly discredited, debilitating "Master Cleanse" regime (maple syrup or blackstrap molasses, plus lemon juice and cayenne pepper). Flying solely by the seat of his pants, he said he grew progressively weaker as he continued, forced to stop altogether after only eight days. His chiropractor told him this was caused by a "lack of protein." As scientific, therapuetic fasting has never been taught in any of America's 126 medical schools, let alone in lesser schools which focus on the manipulation of the body's joints in seeking to restore normal nerve function, this chiropractor was apparently also unaware that medical researchers at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm--which actually awards the Nobel Medicine Prize each year--had clinically-monitored many in-hospital patients on scientific juice-fasts of up to 55 days, without any signs of a "lack of protein." Nevertheless, that unskillful experience did fill this young man with understandable skepticism about the efficacy of what he thought 'fasting' was. . .at that time.

   That skepticism was quite evident in his initial emailings to FCI. However, after our conversations, he did FCI's 50-day Program (with only 40 days of actual juice-fasting). Actually, he would have extended into our patented, most popular Total Detoxification Program--a 60-day Program, at his age--but he had to take a trip with two of his bosses, and preferred not to be fasting for that. Here, then, is what resolving gouty arthritis with skillful, scientific, therapeutic fasting sounds like. Following his Program, he wanted to immediately write a testimonial for FCI's online FASTING JOURNAL. However, as he did not do our Total Detox Program, I asked him to wait at least six months, just to be sure his gouty arthritis was completely resolved. As you can read, Steve Stoll, a business executive living in the creative heart of northern California's Silicon Valley, waited three times that long before emailing FCI the following testimonial.]

     "During the three or four years prior to doing my 40-day fast at FCI (the 50-day program), I had been having periodic attacks of gout. In the months before the fast, the attacks had grown more frequent and intense, causing me to miss several days of work, and to hobble about with one real shoe and one slipper. The medication that I had been prescribed was either ineffective, or caused a crushing headache. These gout attacks are what finally motivated me to undertake a long fast.

     "A couple of weeks into the fast, I had an intense attack--as bad as any I had ever had. I panicked, and I planned to break the fast, because I was afraid it had provoked the attack. It was only through Dennis' support and encouragement that I stayed with the fast. He described what I was experiencing as a "healing crisis." The increased mental clarity my fast also provided was more difficult to appreciate during that crisis. However, even during the pain, I was much more present, and didn't get down or depressed as I typically would have (pre-fast). Obviously, I hung on and finished the fast. That gout attack--my last, as I've had no more over the past year and a half--passed in just over one week, as usual. Then and now, I look at the gout I'd long suffered as more of a toxic, rather than strictly uric-acid problem.

     "I couldn't be more thrilled with the results of my fast. Among the myriad other benefits, I have since not had a single gout attack (again, I completed my fast a year and a half ago). I have no doubt that fasting cleaned out the joints in my feet, and that the attack during the fast was indeed a "healing crisis," rather than being caused by the fast. In fact, the fast really only began bearing its sweetest fruit after that "healing crisis"--24 days into the actual juice-fasting.

     "I am most pleased and proud of the fast I did. This is not my last fast. Even with the gout, the overall experience, with its feeling of accomplishment and a new sense of personal power, was all very, very positive, not to mention the fact that I felt great afterward--physically, mentally, spiritually. I couldn't be prouder of myself for having completed what, at the beginning, seemed like a very daunting task.

     "Additionally, FCI's Program enabled me to make very real and substantial diet changes for the future. Another one of my goals for the fast was to get some insight into an overdue career change, which has also occurred. So, there it is.--Steve Stoll"

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