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blank gifYour Personal Fasting Guide. . .

By Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director
IF YOU'RE SUFFERING PROBLEMS--physiologically, psychologically or spiritually--it's wonderful to know that those who've used this greatest of all healing modalities before us, over millennia, have proved that fasting works. . .fasting cures. . .this marvelous, self-improvement technique called Scientific Fasting works to heal what ails us, as this Father of Western Medicine learned: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!"--Philippus Paracelsus

blank gifSome drink deeply at the fountain of knowledge; others merely gargle. Yet none of history's greatest fasters had to contend with today's fast-paced societies, within which our body-mind-spirit complex is continually subjected to an endless assault by the underlying causes of most dis-eases, ill-nesses and im-balances.

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The computer may be the greatest machine yet invented, but in my opinion, humanity's greatest discovery is our innate ability to cleanse, rejuvenate, regenerate and truly heal ourselves--physically, mentally and spiritually--through prolonged, scientific, therapeutic fasting.

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On day 40 of a fast I did in 1976, a man I knew until his death as a friend, mentor and esteemed colleague--Finland's internationally-renowned nutritional biochemist and natural healing authority, Paavo Airola, Ph.D.--outlined for me these basic causes of our world's modern-day dis-ease dilemma:

". . .the systemic derangement and biochemical/metabolic disorder brought about by prolonged physical and mental stresses, such as faulty nutritional patterns; constant overeating; overindulgence in proteins and the body's inability to properly digest them; various nutritional deficiencies; sluggish metabolism and consequent retention of toxic metabolic wastes; exogenous poisons from polluted food, water, air and our environment; toxic drugs, tobacco and alcohol; lack of sufficient exercise, rest and relaxation; severe emotional and physical stresses, etc.
blank gif"These health-destroying environmental factors bring about inevitable derangement in all the vital bodily functions, with consequent biochemical imbalance in the tissues; autotoxemia; chronic undersupply of oxygen to the cells; poorer digestion, ineffective assimilation of nutrients...and, of course,
gradually lowered resistance to disease.
blank gifIs it any wonder that hardly one in a million among today's 6.6 billion, lives out her or his human, biological potential? Having said all that, it's important to understand that fasting is NOT for everyone.

SCIENTIFIC FASTING, or any other type of fasting, whether juice fasting or water fasting, is contraindicated for children under 18 (because they're still forming bone and teeth); pregnant and nursing mothers (since their own detoxification would toxify their child, through their umbilicus or milk); insulin-dependent Type I diabetics (Type 2 diabetics may do our Waiver Program; those with laboratory tests revealing significant liver (eg., cirrhosis) or kidney disease (including renal failure patients--those who've been hospitalized with kidney failure and placed on dialysis, even if not currently on it); alcoholics (advanced stage), and those with hyperthyroidism and advanced thyroid malfunctions.
blank gif Likewise, fasting is contraindicated for those suffering irreversible wasting diseases such as AIDS (advanced stage), tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases which must be reported such as advanced SARS and H5N1 Avian influenza or other lethal bird flus; extensive carcinomas and metastatic cancers (when fasting would contribute to their malnourished state, perhaps resulting in an earlier death); atrial fibrillation; cardiovascular diseases such as advanced old age, marked vascular diseases with poor circulation to various parts of the body (eg., smoker's leg), and cerebral degeneration due to arteriosclerosis (a.k.a. organic brain syndrome) or Alzheimer's disease; serious cardiac diseases including heart failure, severe cardiac rhythm disturbances, post-myocardial infarction, and severe cardiomyopathy and valvular heart defects.
blank gif Additionally, fasting is contraindicated for those who are severely weak and debilitated, or with diseases caused by undernourishment or malnutrition, severe anemia and porphyria (a hereditary defect of blood pigment metabolism); bleeding disorders of the stomach and intestines; FSGS (familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis); psychiatric disorders including severe manic-depressive illness (a.k.a bipolar disorder) and/or taking Lithium, schizophrenia, severe neuroses, severe anorexia nervosa or severe bulimia, and finally, those with insufficient understanding of the fasting process leading to their perceived inability to do without solid food for a prolonged period (despite countless hundreds of millions having done so before us).
blank gif Similarly, FCI does not accept, as clients, those taking anti-convulsant or anti-epileptic drugs to control grand mal, psychomotor, myoclonic, and focal seizures, nor do we accept clients on diuretics (egs., Furosemide, Lasix or Spironolactone), anticoagulants (egs., Coumadin or Plavix), or drugs for congestive heart failure (egs., Digoxin or Carvedilol). Clients on any of the many other drugs for high cholesterol and high blood-pressure--other than diuretics--may do our Programs, and will be instructed how to take such medications during their fasting days. Finally, no 'diet drugs' may be taken on FCI's Program, nor are they necessary.
blank gif On the other hand, both therapeutic and preventive fasting ARE indicated for all the health problems listed in detail near the top of our Solution page.
AS NOTED in FCI's online "Juice Fasting Agreement," we require all those interested in doing our Scientific Fasting Programs to advise us, in advance, if they suffer from any serious condition or disease requiring the monitoring of a physician, such as ADD/ADHD, severe allergic reaction, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig disease), bipolar disorder (a.k.a. manic-depressive illness), Cushing's Syndrome, FSGS (familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis), HIV/AIDS, SARS, H5N1 or other Avian flu, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, gall bladder and/or kidney problems or a stones history, heart disease or arrythmia (including use of a pacemaker), multiple sclerosis, pancreatitis, Parkinson's disease, pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, mental illness, or psychological imbalances such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or hypochondria.
blank gif FCI makes the sole determination regarding whom it will allow to do our Waivered Program, beginning with our very shortest 20-day Fasting Program, after which they may upgrade in 10-day segments if there are no contraindications. To learn if you qualify for our Waivered Program, prospective clients must advise us, in advance, of any of the abovementioned health problems, as well as if they've had a colectomy or hemicolectomy; are 70 or older, or whose medical history includes: acute anxiety disorder; bypass/stent or open-heart surgery; cluster headaches; major depression; diabetes 2 (Type II; fasting's contraindicated for Type I, insulin-dependent diabetics); gall stones or kidney stones; lupus; neuropathy; multiple sclerosis; mental illness; severe neuroses; schizoaffective disorder, or suicidal ideation. If you've a particular problem not mentioned here, please ask us to learn if prolonged fasting is indicated for you.
blank gif Finally, FCI advises prospective clients suffering any of the above health problems to consult with the physician(s) monitoring their condition(s) before sending our abovementioned online "Agreement" (if, after you've informed FCI of any of the above health problems, we've determined that prolonged, therapeutic, scientific fasting is not contraindicated for you).


blank gifFasting Center International, which has developed our world's largest, nonresidential fasting clientele over the past 35 years, has been blessed with literally thousands of these enthusiastic clients, a representative sampling of whose very impressive testimonials today grace our extensive website (including those of M.D.s, psychiatrists, D.O.s, D.D.S.s and Ph.D.s in a variety of fields). FCI recommends to all clients--after they've stabilized their weight where they're happy with it, and done the serious detoxifying necessary to begin moving themselves back toward their birthright of optimum health--that they do consider fasting at least two or three weeks each year, much like a Spring Cleaning. . .if they intend to continue living in our progressively more toxic, urban environments.

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Again, FCI is teaching clients, worldwide, this marvelously effective, age-old, self-improvement technique for life! And once you've learned how to deal with all which can arise in your absolutely unique body-mind-spirit complex (physiologically, as well as psychologically, and sometimes most importantly, spiritually), you'll then feel confident to later use this magnificent skill for the rest of your days on Earth (not to mention its help in keeping you out of $2000+/day hospital rooms in your future). May you forever enjoy a stable, meritorious life, with a good heart, restoring whatever degree of health, happiness and healing power you're still capable of. Respectfully, Dennis Paulson, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Fasting Center International, Inc.

blank gifP.S. For complete details on all that prolonged Scientific Fasting can address for those who CAN and SHOULD fast, please click go to our Solution page.

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