[FCI NOTE: Wonderfully, scientific fasting is both prophylactic or preventive, as well as therapeutic or curative. Therapeutically, according to Germany's late Otto Buchinger, Sr., M.D., who supervised over 100,000 "juice-fasting cures," therapeutic fasting is safely advisable for many modern illnesses, including various psychosomatic disturbances and states of exhaustion, such as bulimic disturbances of eating habits, and depressive moods with various causes. (The WEBSTER'S medical definition of 'bulimia' is "a continuous, abnormal hunger.") Over the past 35 years, FCI has watched many of its clients with varied eating disorders resolve their disturbances. Here, for example, is the testimony of a 20-year-old university sophomore from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Nicole Cousteau, whose prolonged juice-fast ended her "binge periods," and changed her outlook on food entirely. Nicole did FCI's 40-day Program along with her 18-year-old sister, Michelle, afterward writing the following:]

  "Dennis: I can't tell you how thankful I am that I found FCI's Program, and learned how wonderful and gratifying fasting can be. I have to say, I was at first unsure of how fasting would be for me (having a history of hypoglycemia/low blood-sugar). But, the experience was a blessing, and I found that I did not want my fast to end!!

  "Since my sophomore year in high school, I had carried an extra 20 pounds. Constantly trying to rid the weight, I would often become frustrated, which would then lead me to 'binging periods'. These continual 'binge' cycles began becoming routine, which I'd then follow with a strict diet that I never stuck to for long. I began seeing a scary pattern, and figuring my life would be a constant yo-yo cycle with my eating habits, as well as with my weight.

  "Now, as a sophomore in college, I have rid the 20+ pounds, feel great, and have finally rediscovered parts of me that were hiding, such as my hips!!! I now have an entirely new outlook on food, on life, on everything.

  "Due to my being in college, making my roommates aware of what I was doing became a necessity. I was amazed at their ill feeling towards the whole process, as well as the way they forever tried to tempt me. . .which never worked! My mother called it jealousy, but I just shrugged it off as ignorance.

  "One issue that seemed to continually arise was the way one of my roommates behaved as though the entire world (all my friends, etc.) should be aware of my fast. She dropped 'innocent' remarks; however, the fact that I acted proud and nonchalant about it seemed to bother her. My situation taught me the importance of an open mind, a well as discretion.

  "What everyone around me did pick up on was my improved attitude and state of mind. I was happy for no apparent reason, and my energy level was amazing! For the first time in my life, I jumped out of bed before the alarm, not 20 minutes after pressing the snooze bar.

  "I saw my fast as my time to educate myself, nutritionally. As we discussed initially, I was interested in the macrobiotic lifestyle, a program I'd found somewhat appealing, pre-fast. However, post-fast, I now plan to modify that diet, mostly integrating FCI's LIFETIME OPTIMUM-HEALTH PLAN greatly.

  "My fast has changed my cravings: no longer do I crave sour candy, frozen yogurt, fish, or any junk food. Instead, I now crave energy foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, mochi (?), and vegetables. The way I look at food has changed drastically, as well as the role it now plays in my life. No longer am I a constant couch-potato 'muncher'. Instead, I now eat a fueling breakfast and an early dinner, and no longer look to food for comfort.

  "I owe you and FCI many thanks, Dennis. Fasting is something I will integrate into my life, and its benefits will forever be with me.

  "May peace always follow you, Nicole Cousteau

"P.S. I can't tell you how wonderful it was sharing this experience with my sister. The fact that we did the fast together made it much more fun, and the difference in Michelle is now remarkable! She looks great, and feels even better. Her self-esteem has never been this great. Thank you, again!"

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