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[WARNING from Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director of Fasting Center International (FCI): As any Christian reading the Internet's premier fasting 1995 understands, FCI, blessed over the past 35 years to supervise our World's Largest Fasting Clientele (the majority of whom are fellow Christians we serve on seven continents representing 220 nations), takes quite seriously its responsibility to caution all against ever attempting a prolonged fast (more than three days) for any reason(s). . .without skilled, veteran, professional supervision, initially, as opposed to, say, simply trying the CliffsNotes approach of reading a fasting book or two, or pulling up some website dispensing how-to information or a Do's and Don't's list you have no way of knowing the scientific validity of.

blank gifAll contemplating such an approach should understand that you could easily wind up like a couple who tried a "40-day spiritual fast" from what they read on the Campus Crusade for Christ website, among others, and wound up in the Emergency Room of a Kentucky hospital in what the team of seven physicians who immediately conference-called FCI termed "a dazed condition," asking: "What do we do with them? What effect does prolonged fasting have on lactase? Who is fasting contraindicated for? This couples' electrolytes are completely out of balance. How do we begin re-feeding them? What can go wrong if we give them the wrong foods? What about liquids?" Etc.

blank gifAs Scientific Fasting has never been taught in any of America's 126 medical schools, allopathic medical doctors are clueless regarding how to fast intelligently, despite the embarrassing fact that all three Fathers of Western Medicine practiced and prescribed prolonged fasting--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

blank gifAs all can see, there's a growing number of online dilettantes freely dispensing such 'advice.' Even though some of them are long on religious enthusiasm, they're woefully short on the experiential knowledge and distilled wisdom absolutely necessary for skillfully advising/supervising others regarding everything which CAN arise over the course of a prolonged fast--physiologically, psychologically and spiritually--remembering that all human body-mind-spirit complexes are unique, so no two fasting experiences are ever the same, making it impossible to extrapolate one's own fasting experience to another's.

blank gifFor this reason, every reputable fasting book in print, worldwide, recommends that one NEVER do a prolonged fast without professional supervision, initially. Additionally, none of those books' authors are available to supervise others, even if they were qualified to do so. [It goes without saying, of course, that if either of those unfortunate souls HAD died, whoever encouraged them to undertake such an unskillful, unsupervised fast could well find themself being sued by distraught relatives.]

blank gifTerms such as orthostatic hypotension, atrial fibrillation, ketoacids, serum bicarbonate, and compensated metabolic acidosis mean absolutely nothing to unskilled, novice fasters, but these can be physiological side-effects of prolonged fasting. Hence, professional supervision is absolutely necessary to similarly avoid things as simple as hemoconcentration (increased red blood concentration), an increased BUN (blood urea nitrogen) level, and electrolyte insufficiency or depletion (the major, debilitating problem with water fasting, unlike scientific juice fasting which skillfully maintains that balance).

blank gifIn other words, one can harm one's delicate system without even realizing it/how. For these reasons, Christian ministers and members of their congregations on all major continents continuously and gratefully place this very serious responsibility in FCI's professional hands, as is illustrated in just one, representative example from among our global clientele--the rector of a 2000-member Episcopal church in America's Midwest, here on fasting day 22 of his 50-day Program (wisely following Christ's example with 40 days of actual fasting, inspired by a priest who assists him, who'd earlier completed her own 50-day Program at FCI):

blank gif"I'm really grateful to FCI and to you, Dennis, as Director, for providing me with this Program and all the additional information regarding my own specific conditions. Your prompt replies to my questions are most reassuring, just as your online support is very encouraging. It helps a lot, knowing that you're available and that guidance is close at hand. I'm really glad I chose to have FCI supervise my fast online. There are plenty of issues that pop up every day, and your research and advice really gives me the sense that I'm not in this alone. Thanks for your knowledge and help! God's blessings and peace, (confidential)."

blank gifEven having a handful of 40-day fasts under one's belt does not magically confer the ability to advise/supervise others' completely different fasting experiences, since such knowledge and wisdom only arise after many, many years of supervising sisters and brothers of all ages, sizes, health problems, psychological sets, religious backgrounds, etc. Thus, although the following Christian's testimonial--Stephen Cook, 39, of Avalon, PA--is incredibly inspiring, this is not something to be tried at home on one's own, by anyone valuing her or his physical or spiritual well-being]:

By Stephen W. Cook, FCI client

"WARNING!: I'm writing this letter with the precondition that the "Bible" is God-breathed and infallible. Thus, my letter is intended for those who accept this axiomatically, and does not intend to debate or clarify for those of a different mindset.

"I don't like hype; I like truth. Truth is Real. Truth passes the test of time: Truth doesn't change. Truth is Cool.

"This means that, as a Christian, I look for Truth in everything I do. I realize that there are laws and truths, and then there are higher laws and truths. And, this is where the struggle begins for us. The struggle for truth demands that I keep my eyes upon the Higher Truth, or I won't be able to walk on the water; I'll sink.

"I was ailing. I was near death. At 39, I knew I wasn't supposed to die. I could see the facts, though. I was nearly bedfast. I was always tired. My mind was always cloudy. I was always hungry. I was fat. I had virtually no energy to function productively with the time I spent out of bed. I'd been close to death before. I recognized it. I had people pray for me. I really didn't have the energy to pray much for myself.

"Doctors had finally diagnosed with Hepatitis C and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome. They gave me Interferon for six months. It made me sick and poor, but not healthy. The end result? I had spent my living, and had suffered much at the hands of physicians, but grew no better, only worse. Western Medicine had no answers for me.

I prayed. I knocked. I sought. Gradually. . .over a period of two years, a way became evident. I was being led to alternative practices of medicine. . .old stuff. . . grandmother stuff. . .old-wives'-tales stuff. I doubted. . .but I had no better way to go. I began to see small changes. Homeopathists, nutritionists, herbalists, all kinds of 'new' and strange treatments, born of the wisdom of the ages, began to have small but measurable effects upon me. I began to get better. . .but not enough.

"My chiropractic nutritionist suggested that I go to Scott's Natural Health Institute, a fasting clinic near Cleveland, Ohio. It is a water fasting program lasting a month, run by a chiropractor. The weekly rate for one with my serious health problems was $1,000, including the extensive bloodwork. Additionally, the program mandated total bed rest, and total isolation from the outside world. I would lose income. The cost and relocation would set me back around $8,000. I couldn't afford this. There had to be another way.

"I began searching for alternatives on the Web. I came across Dennis Paulson's home page for Fasting Center International, for which he is the Founder/Director. This was a Scientific Juice Fasting Program which claimed to give more energy. This is always interesting to a bedfast person. It claimed to take weight off. Yes! I needed that, too! It also claimed to detoxify the body. Bingo! That seemed to be the core of my problem. My systems were shutting down from toxicity, according to the specialists I'd seen, and it seemed to be the direction of heading, anyway.

"This Total Detox. Fasting Program needed nearly two months to totally detoxify my body. Actually, FCI calculated that the number of days for total detoxification of my body was my age number [39] plus 17 [56], plus 5 days to transition in and 5 out [66]. Cost? $718.70. This Program claimed I would save about half of that in decreased food intake. Wow! Besides, $8,000 - $718.70 = $7,281.30 I wouldn't have to spend. Sounded great! But, should I do this?

"I looked for "Biblical" precedent. I checked out Jesus's fasting. Water only? Sounds serious, but I noticed that He had angels come and minister to Him at the end of it. Angels don't show up unless there's a real need for them, so I would have to assume that Jesus needed this assistance, and badly, by this time. Okay, that didn't show me what I needed.

"Elijah also fasted, or did he? What's that part about the angels waking him up and feeding him "angelfood" twice, and it says he went the time in the strength of that food? Angels again. So, was that a real fast? I don't think so. I've not seen any angels offering food. Well, I thought, let me take a look at Moses.

"Moses also went 40 days without food (fasting), but he also drank nothing (thirsting) for that same time. Whoa! How could this be? Well, he was in the presence of God, Himself! Life, Himself! No wonder! He didn't need any food! I'll bet he never felt hungry or thirsty at all! He was so filled with the "Glory of God" that he glowed in the dark. I can't apply this to myself, at all. Who's left?

"'. . .And the Lord struck the child that Uriah's wife bare unto David, and it was very sick. David, therefore, besought God for the child; and David fasted and went in and lay down all night upon the earth. And the elders of his house arose and went to him, to raise him up from the earth, but he would not; neither did he eat bread with them. And, it came to pass, on the seventh day, that the child died. . . .Then, David arose from the earth. . .and he did eat." ["II Samuel" 12: 15-18, 20 "KJV"] So, David fasted for a week. That's a little closer to what I was looking for, but I decided to keep looking.

"'In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled." ["Daniel" 10: 2-3] There it is! Three weeks of partial fasting, a "Biblical" precedent. Daniel's results were great, too. Another angel showed up!

"So, now I had precedent, but I wanted more information. I found "Isaiah" 58: 6-8: "Is not this the fast that I have chosen, to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house; when thou seest the naked, that thou cover them; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? Then shall thy light break forth, as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily." Whoa! That's what I was looking for! Yes! There's a lot more in these references than what I've written here. . .really great stuff, but you get the point.

"I went for it.

" I lost 50 pounds; 6 came back [as it should have, refilling the colon]. Net loss: 44 pounds. Energy level: 80-85%, with peaks to 90-92%, and my mind is clear, once again. The weight stayed off. I passed oily black goo, parasites, and encrusted fecal matter; I'm sure you want to know this. I'm cleansed. I'm alive. My mind is clear.

" I went back to my doctor. After bloodwork, he babbled like a child with a new toy. He was beside himself with astonishment: "It worked!" Hepatitis-C from a transfusion caused my liver problems; fasting remedied them. While this is not a panacea, and my problems are not all completely fixed, I can surely use this tool of Healing Wisdom to my benefit, for the rest of my life. What a gift!

"Should you do it? You probably already know the answer to that. In your spirit. . .you know. As Christians, we are mandated to fast. It isn't optional. But, while many restrain themselves from alcohol, extramarital sex, pornography, drugs, gambling, smoking, etc.--all those harmful activities--they feel they've nothing left to "celebrate with" but food. . .but gluttony is a sin, too.

"However, the Church is more guilty of ignorance than gluttony, as a whole, for the Church doesn't know how to fast.

"Spiritual direction, clarity of mind, bodily cleansing (health wisdom), removal of excess weight and unwanted tissues, are all reliable, tangible, guaranteeable benefits of fasting.

" Yes, you need to fast. All Christians do! It's that simple. If you've read this far, you can look inside yourself and recognize whether or not you need to fast now or not. It isn't hard. You won't feel hungry. The website has all the explanatory and contact information you need. Contact them. The Director, Dennis, will talk with you, and I know they've got countless more letters and testimonials from folks all willing to share their experience with you. This is the truth. This is a higher truth. Fasting works.

"Sincerely, Steven W. Cook"

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