"I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."--Plato, 428-348 B.C., Greek student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle; helped lay foundations of Western philosophy

"The best of all medicines are rest and fasting."--Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790, American founding father, statesman and inventor (bifocal glasses, iron furnace stove and lightning rod)

"America badly needs to go on a diet. It should do something drastic about excessive, unattractive, life-threatening fat. It should get rid of it in the quickest possible way, and this is by fasting."--Allan Cott, M.D., author of "Fasting: The Ultimate Diet"

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FASTING WISDOM ARCHIVE: Why Doctors Fast & Recommend It - Fasting Quotes - Who Should Not Fast - Ten Fasting Physicians Praise FCI's Juice Fasting Program - Why & How You Fast - How Long & What Type of Fast - Fasting Cancer Survivor Removes Chemo Toxins & Their Adverse Side-Effects - Is Supervision Necessary - Fasting Chief Surgeon Gains "Secret To Wellness & Wholeness" - Fasting CEO Removes 70 Lbs. & Improves "Every Aspect Of Life" - Fasting Ph.D. Learns Weight Control Lessons - Fasting Surgeon: "Your Program Saved My Life" - Fasting For Weight Loss, Businesswomen Also Gain Health - CEO's Great Health Fast Success - Biblical Fasting - Fasting Eases Social Worker's Bipolar II Suffering - Fasting Cured Minister's Hernias - Fasting Cured M.D.'s Binge Eating - Fasting Cured Pilot's Arthritis & Allergies - Fasting Cured Ph.D.'s Bursitis & Hay Fever - Fasting Cured CEO's Hepatitis C & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Fasting Cured Ph.D.'s Jaw Tumor - Fasting Cured Columbia Senior's Binge Drinking & Food Addiction - Fasting Cured Teacher's Bulimia - Fasting Cured CEO's Diabetes 2 - Fasting Cured J.D.'s Obesity, High Blood Pressure & Depression - Fasting Cured Minister's Morbid Obesity, Heart Wall & Valve, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Sleep Apnea - Fasting Cured J.D.'s Irregular Heart Rhythm, Palpitation, Hot Flashes & Night Sweats - CEO's Diary on FCI's 40-Day Fasting Program - Fasting Ed.D. Learns From Repeat Fast - Fasting Inspires Compassion - Fasting: Why Is WebMD's Article On It Misleading & Erroneous?

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Fasting Journal Testimonials
From Our Clients On Seven Continents!

FEW KNOW that Mahatma Gandhi first turned to fasting to lose weight. Likewise, the majority among our World's Largest Fasting Clientele--on seven continents, representing 220 countries--which Fasting Center International has been blessed to supervise over the past 35 years, were also first drawn to fasting for weight loss.

      Among the thousands visiting FCI's Virtual Office or Cyber Clinic here each month, many prospective clients have said, in one way or another: 'My primary goal is weight loss, but I want to lose weight and learn how to keep weight off. I've learned--the expensive way--that DIETS DON'T WORK!'

      After researching 26,000 popular U.S. 'diets' which have come and gone over the past 70 years, the Washington Post concluded that "DIETS have failed Americans 99.5% of the time," a message all yo-yo dieters also sadly conclude, and which Bob Schwartz, Ph.D., hammered home in two of his best-selling books: Diets Don't Work and his sequel, Diets Still Don't Work!

      So, FCI is continually asked: How can I lose weight fasting? Or, can I lose weight fast on your weight-loss programs? Or, do your clients fast to trim down? What percentage of your clients suffer from clinical obesity, morbid obesity? Can fasting resolve or cure obesity? Are your clients fasting for eating disorders--anorexia, binge-eating, bulimia, compulsive overeating (a.k.a. food addiction)?

      What is detoxification? How do I detox. or cleanse? How do I detoxify my system correctly? Is yours a cleansing and body detox. program? Are people fasting to detoxify and lose weight? Are they fasting for energy, for physical health problems, for mental health problems, for anxiety, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, for depression, fasting to end mental fogginess, fasting for greater clarity of consciousness? What about spirituality? Does fasting enhance spirituality? Will fasting give me a closer walk with God? What about enlightenment? Will fasting enlighten me? Can we see God? How did Jesus fast? How did the Buddha fast? How did Mohammed fast?

      Others have asked: What is fasting? Is fasting dangerous? What are the dangers of fasting? What about water-fasting? What about juice-fasting? Can you compare water-fasting and juice-fasting? I'd like to learn how to fast intelligently, to fast skillfully. What is scientific fasting? What is therapeutic fasting? What are the benefits of fasting, the rewards of fasting? How do I fast? How do I start fasting? How do I fast safely? How do I break a fast safely? Is fasting supervision necessary? Are you fasting experts? Do you give fasting information, fasting tips, fasting advice, fasting programs, fasting supervision?

      Since 1995, here on the World Wide Web, many have also asked: Can you share some of the fasting experiences of your clients. . .their fasting testimony. . .fasting testimonies? Could you create an online fasting journal for sharing some of your clients' fasting experiences?

      Because of the overwhelming requests from prospective clients, as well as from our Fasting Center International clients, worldwide, FCI has gladly created this copyrighted FASTING JOURNAL for your inspiration and education. However, due to space limitations, we've presented merely a representative, minute fraction from our 35-year archive of the very best fasting experiences, testimonies, and testimonials addressing common concerns (continually adding new ones).

      Thus, if interested, please click on whichever topics you wish for inspiration from noble, kindred sisters and brothers with fine minds and good hearts just like yours, all of whom preceded you in this marvelous, self-improvement technique which so many of our species' greatest thinkers have done, historically, including all of our greatest spiritual teachers, as well as all three Fathers of Western Medicine--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

(fci) ABC's "Good Morning, America!" Sr. Producer, 46, Has "Life Changing Experience" On 82-Day Program: "All-Around Happier!"
(fci) A Chief Surgeon, 53, Discovers "Secrets to Maintain Wellness & Wholeness" Achieved On 80-Day Program--"Best Health In Years!"
(fci) A Clean, Clear, Student Physician, 27, Resolves Long-Term Eating Disorder After Three Prolonged, Therapeutic Fasts!
(fci) A Columbia University Senior, 21, Ends Longtime Binge Drinking, Food Addictions & Being Overweight During 50-Day Program!
(fci) A Decade of Bulimia & Its Depression & Drugs, Plus Chronic Sinus & Allergy Problems, Are Left Behind By A California Teacher, 27, After Two FCI Programs!
(fci) An Ex-College Football Star, 43, Proves What's Possible Out Here On the Gridiron Of What MTV Terms the "Real World"!
(fci) An Ex-College Wrestler & Surgeon, 48, After His 75-Day Program: "You Have Truly Saved My Life, And Probably My Soul!"
(fci) A Fasting Multimillionaire Wishes to "Reset Body's Odometer" And "Avoid A Lavish, Early Funeral" During 90-Day Program!
(fci) A Giant HMO's Senior Counsel, 51, Ends Hot Flashes & Night Sweats During & After Her 81-Day Program!
(fci) An 'Average' Faster Taking the Essence of FCI's MOST Popular, TOTAL Detoxification Program. . .A Telecom Consultant, 35, In Prague, Czech Republic!
(fci) A New England Attorney, 49, Removes Clinical Obesity (74 lbs.), 2 Blood-Pressure Meds & Depression On 100-Day Program!
(fci) A Quintet of Representative M.D.s Discuss Why They Chose FCI's Program & Recommend It to Patients, Colleagues & Friends!
(fci) A Retired School District Superintendent, 56, Repeats Total Detox. Program 7 Years After Failing To Incorporate What He'd Learned!
(fci) A U.K. Psychologist, 37, 'Staring Death In The Face' At 400 Lbs., Uses FCI's 100-Day Program to Halve Her Weight & "Save My Life!"
(fci) Australian University Student, 23, Shed 15 Kilos & A Sugar Jones In 50-Day Program, Gaining Clarity, Insight & Wiser Diet!
(fci) A World-Class Chef, 43, Transforms Health & Eating Habits On 80-Day Program After Dr. Warns Cholesterol Is In "Heart-Attack Range"!
(fci) A World-Class Restaurateur, 41, Successfully Navigates Major Life Transition During 70-Day Program With His Closest Loved One!
(fci) Fasting: A Christian's FCI Experiences, Insights and Conclusions!
(fci) On Short Fasts or Long Fasts, Why You Fast & How To Fast Safely Are As Important As Your Personal Fasting Guide--Fasting Center Intl.!
(fci) Fasting Australian Martial Arts Champion, 34, Loses 77 Lbs. & Discovers What's Beyond These Arts' Physical Aspect!
(fci) Fasting Australian Psychotherapist Enters States "Far Beyond Ordinary Mental Consciousness" On Her 74-Day Program!
(fci) Fasting Breaks Singapore Teacher's Yo-Yo Diet Addiction, Instilling Calm & Mental Control, Despite Heavy Load!
(fci) Fasting Breaks 3 Addictions, Cures Lifelong Insomniac!
(fci) Fasting Businessman Transcends Fear & Discovers "Fountain of Youth, Rejuvenation & Loss of 55 Lbs.!"
(fci) Fasting Businesswoman Transcends Fear of Fasting, Discovers Success & Refers Nine Friends To FCI!
(fci) Fasting College Grad, 23, Starts New Life & Career Feeling "The Best I've Ever Felt; Most Productive I've Ever Been!"
(fci) Fasting Computer Scientist, Ph.D., Finds 80-Day Program Multiply Healing, Leaving Her With "Awesome" Energy!"
(fci) Fasting Engineer, 52, Resolves '98%' of Psoriasis Suffered Since Age 16 During His 80-Day Program, Ending Conventional Medicine's Failure!"
(fci) Fasting Consultant Removes Unnecessary Weight, Depression & Suicidal Ideation: "FCI Saved My Life!"
(fci) Fasting Couple With Jobs & Toddlers, Amazed To Become More Energetic, Calm, Clear & Loving--"The Pot of Gold!"
(fci) Fasting Diary of Graphic Designer's 40-Day Program!
(fci) Fasting & Energy: Will I Have It? A Woman of 26 Answers With Authority For Those Who Doubt It (But Don't Know)!
(fci) Fasting Enhances Financial Planner's Business Success!
(fci) Fasting Girlfriends On Separate Continents Lose Their Unnecessary Weight While Re-Balancing Themselves!
(fci) Fasting Helps Recovering Alcoholic Detoxify Abuse, Ease Depression, & "Put Life Back Together Again!"
(fci) Fasting Hollywood Executive, 32, Drops 48 Lbs., Regains Balance: "This 'Fountain of Youth' Was So Easy, It's Ridiculous!"
(fci) Fasting Improves Senior Engineer's Vision & Insomnia!
(fci) Fasting Investment Pays Annual Dividends: "1,000% Improvement," Says FCI Client of Six Years Ago!
(fci) Fasting Minister Experiences "A Miraculous Healing!"
(fci) Fasting Pilot Gains Clarity, Loses Allergies & Arthritis!
(fci) Fasting Psychology Ph.D. Rediscovers Age-Old Maxim: "Overcoming One's Resistance Sweetens One's Success!"
(fci) Fasting Reduces Nasal Polyps & Asthma, Helping Woman, 54, Avoid Surgery & Breathe Freely Again!
(fci) Fasting Rejuvenates A Skeptical, Retired American Airborne/Special Forces Warrior, 60, From Decline!
(fci) Fasting Removes Webmaster/UC Berkeley Grad's 45 Lbs.!
(fci) Fasting Removes Psychology Ph.D.'s Jaw Tumor After "Surgery Is Your Only Option" Conventional Diagnosis!
(fci) Fasting Rescues Hepatitis-C/Chronic-Fatigue Victim From "Death's Door," After Expensive, 6-Mo. Interferon Failure!
(fci) Fasting Resolves Asthma, Suffered Since Childhood!
(fci) Fasting Resolves Gouty Arthritis Suffered Four Years!
(fci) Fasting Resolves Mild Depression In Teacher, 29, After 54-Day Total Detoxification: "I Can't Wait to Wake Up & Start My Days Now! This Is Really Living Life!"
(fci) Fasting Resolves Sinusitis/Nasal Polyps of Writer, 47; Avoids Surgery & Breathes/Smells Nasally Again!
(fci) Fasting Resolves University of California at Santa Barbara Student's Eating Disorder/Weight Problem!
(fci) Fasting Resolves Yale Grad Student's Gastrointestinal Illness After 19-Year Suffering In Conventional Medicine's Hands!
(fci) Fasting Supervision: Is It Necessary? Better Check Up!
(fci) Fasting Twenty-Something Quickly Regains Health & Happiness, Losing Back Pain & 70 Needless Lbs.!
(fci) Fasting Writer In Budapest, 68, Avoids Nasal Polyp Surgery, Loses Excess Weight & Gains Mental Clarity!

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To your health, from your friends at Fasting Center International, Inc.

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